Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cats Notes

It has been said over and over again, by everyone, that based on the recent 1-4 record of our beloved Men's Basketball team, Arizona's season, fittingly so, rests in the hands of the archrival, scum of the earth, Arizona State Scum Devils. They knocked UA out of a bowl 2 years ago. UA knocked them out of a bowl last year, and took, what some suggest, was their spot in the NCAA's last year, and now Arizona's chances at continuing the streak to 25 rests in the hands of James Harden, Jeff Pendergraph, and the questionable recruiting tactics of Herb Sendek.

It might just be me, but I feel like I am much more enthralled, and emotionally attached to this Arizona team. Previous teams have just been a disappointment. Underachieving teams with potential pros who wind up becoming selfish and throwing the season away. Had Iggy stayed Arizona would have lasted past Illinois' ridiculous comeback a few years back. Had Hot Sauce not become a 17 foot jump shot machine, Arizona probably would have fared better in his final season. Last year's squad had potential, but a lack of leadership and coaching issues had Arizona backing their way in under KO.

So what did we expect this season?
Not much. A second choice interim coach and 3 good players surrounded by a bunch of sub par role players at best. They were up and down all season, including the most recent stretch of 7-0 then 1-4. But damn it's been fun hasn't it. There were no guarantees. No wins were impossible (Washington, Gonzaga, Kansas, UCLA, etc.) and no wins were guaranteed (Stanford, Washington State, UNLV, etc), and many losses were heart-breakers (A&M, Washington, ASU, ASU, et. al.).

While nothing is certain, it seems, at least on a basic level, as well as based on my previous assumptions on the Wildcats Postseason Possibilities, that Arizona has one game remaining between themselves and the Postseason. They are in a win and their in game this week. If only the Pac-10 officials weren't going to be in attendance. Arizona is facing their toughest test of the season. On the road against the Scum Devil team that is currently holding 4 straight over their head.

I'm about as compelled as a fan can be with no vested interest in the game, other than years of being a fan, and thousands of dollars spent at the Bookstores, Arizona Stadium, McKale, Sancet Field, oh and the Administration office. Arizona is finally out of the scummy pollution riddled shadow of the Normies from Tempe on the Football Field. Let's see some emotion out there. Screw win one for the Gipper, this is bigger than George Gipp and John Button Salmon combined. Let's win one for the streak, let's win one for tradition, let's win one for the seniors, let's win one for Papa Lute.


Anonymous said...

Win one for BAGGA!!!!!