Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Beauty of Technology

I know this is no shocker for many of you out there, but days like today make me realize how wonderful technology is in today's world. Specifically, the corporate world.

I am at work right now, and dont' get me wrong, I'm doing work, I'm making my sales calls, but also, in one ear I have The Jim Rome Show streaming into my right ear from the KLAC website in LA. After the show is over I'll head over to and listen to the On Demand webcast of the Dan Patrick show and finish my day listening to the local Tucson station, KCUB, to listen to Glenn Parker and In The House. All while I'm at work, without a radio to bother my fellow co-workers.

Beyond that I caught all of the March Madness games via the live feed complete with the "Boss Button" and the ability to pick and choose which games I wanted to watch. In April I watch the live feed of The Masters, complete with the ability to choose which golfers I wanted most to follow by the custom scoreboard on the side of the screen. Today I'm watching the US Open live feed on

I "watch" every Cubs day-game pitch by pitch on either the Cubs or ESPN website through their Gameday/Gamecast pitch by pitch breakdowns of each game.

4Real receives text messages during every Tribe or Browns game giving him the live updates, which is nice since there aren't a whole lot of Cleveland airtime in Tucson, AZ. Plus I have the RSS feeds for all sorts of sports and sites that I read so I'm fully aware whenever something interesting develops.

Live sports are all over the internet, and the ability to have them running in a shrunken screen or email updates while making sales calls makes my tiny cube feel like a mini sports bar, sans the glorious tap.

Basically I'm just basking in the glory of watching live golf and knowing Tiger and Hefty are both over par before the updates on the radio. And letting the many of you out there who were unaware of the live feeds, that you too can follow live sports from your own desk. It's a great day for sports fans.