Monday, June 16, 2008

Welcome Back Chase

Ahhhhhhh.....sweet sweet relief. Sources Close to the U of A are saying that Chase Budinger has faxed his withdrawl from the draft form into the NBA as of 2 pm Tucson time.

We should take a moment and thank Chase's unsigned manager for scheduling workouts with teams in the lottery before the withdrawl date. Chase Budinger wanted a guarantee that he would be selected in the the top 20 in order to stay in the draft...since the lottery teams were not seriously looking at him in the top 10 slots he never got that guarantee. Today was the deadline and had Chase stayed in the draft he would have had workouts with teams in the 15-25 range for the next few weeks....Sometimes anothers mistake is really our gain

Also we should note that Chase's dad Duncan Budinger wanted Chase to stay in the NBA badly. It's nice to see the young man make a logical desicion even in the face of that kind of opposition, here's hoping that happens on the court next year also.

Meanwhile Nic Wise (left with Budinger in a game against Oregon) is stoked and was heard telling some people around McKale this past week that Chase Budinger coming back was never in question...The two of them instantly give us credible leaders on and off the floor next year.

Jennings should know his new SAT scores somewhere around the 26th of June...To Bad that is not the only issue...We should know more next week, but Chase Budinger staying helps.

Matt"Antione MF Cason Scootsie" Randle El