Monday, June 9, 2008

Benson Cut

The Chicago Bears have a storied tradition. For years they were the basis for great, Hall of Fame running backs.

Payton, Sayers, Grange.

Unfortunately, more recently the list reads...

Salaam, Enis, and now Benson.

The most recent to grace the Bear backfield, the oft injured and recent terror of Austin has officially been released from the Bears. As I mentioned earlier today:

"Also in Chicago professional sports related news, Cedric Benson is on a Big
Brown like pace. He finished the 2nd leg of the Triple Crown getting his 2nd DUI
in 5 weeks. The first coming on the water. Sources close to me tell me he is 2
weeks from getting his pilots license and will be gunning for the final, leg
Piloting Under the Influence, by the end of June. Way to go Ced."

The storybook carrer stats of the 2005 1st round pick (#4 overall) read as follows

420 carries
1593 yards
3.8 ypc
10 TD
4 Fumbles

Those would be good numbers for a #2 back over a 2 year span. Not the #1 back over a 3 year span. Good Riddance, those in Chicago were getting sick of his antics. He really was one of the most egotistical Bears in a very long time, and we should have seen this coming. For those of you who remember, I know 4Real does. Benson is on record of saying, during his last collegiate season that he would rather win the Heisman than beat (major rival) Oklahoma. An excerpt of that quote reads:
"If I could win the game entirely by myself – both offense and defense, punt
returns, kickoffs, kicking field goals, do everything – then I'd take the win
over OU," Benson said. "But for me personally, the hard work I've been through,
growing up as a kid and the dream I've had, I'd love nothing more than to win
the Heisman."

Not only would he rather win the Heisman than have his team beat their rival, he would rather beat the rival if he could do it all himself. It's no wonder the selfish Back decided to get in a car after a few drinks while already on thin ice both in Chicago and with the laws of Texas. He is still listed as "probable" on the ESPN website but I'm guessing he'll either be serving some time, or might be at the receiving end of a Goodell crackdown sometime soon.

So long Cedric, we hardley knew ye.


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