Friday, December 5, 2008

Fix the Big XII - and the NCAA

Can someone please, for the love of God explain this to me. Can someone explain the Big XII to me. The Big XII has made yet another confusing announcement. My Preseason Heisman pick, Texas QB Colt McCoy has been selected as the Big XII Offensive player of the year. This means that he has been selected as the best player in an offensive position. I know that sounds repetitive, and that it shouldn't be further explained. With that said.

Offensive player of the year means that he is not only the best quarterback, but he is a better Quarterback than the top Ruining Back is a Running Back (Kendall Hunter) or the top Wide Receiver is a Wide Receiver (Michael Crabtree). But in true Big XII fashion the SAME voters selected McCoy as the 2nd best quarterback in the conference. That's right, McCoy was selected as Second Team All-Big XII Quarterback. I'm starting to sense some repetitive voting patterns from those in the AP.

Quoting the ESPN report on this issue, "Texas Tech quarterback Graham Harrell was the only other quarterback to get a vote from the 20 voters who decided the AP's Big 12 all-conference teams. Harrell picked up four votes -- one for first team and three for second team. Thus, the race swung on whether Harrell voters picked McCoy or Bradford as their second choice.

Three of those voters went with Bradford at second team and left McCoy off the ballot."

It looks like Texas is getting screwed over again. This time on a more personal level.

Seems the Big XII can't get anything right this year. The 1st Tie-Breaker should be head to head NOT the BCS. The BCS has already been proven as the biggest piece of CRAP in the history of College Football.

Comparing the losses and why Texas should be in the Big XII Title Game and the National Championship is that they beat Oklahoma on a Neutral field. They lost on the road at the last second to the team that Oklahoma beat at home. Take the BCS out of the equation.

I for one hope Texas continues to get the votes over Oklahoma in the AP polls (1488 to 1480) and when it comes down to the vote after the season they split the title (like USC did in 2003), in the system that promised us no more split titles.

Isn't this the perfect example of why we need a playoff. Especially if Florida beats Bama, we'd see 7 teams with 1 loss and a valid argument at a shot at the title. Oh, and 3 undefeated teams with a gripe. I used to love College Football, now I just wait for November and December when we see teams getting screwed over EVERY YEAR due to the greed of the BCS, ESPN, and their supporters.

Thanks ESPN for promising us 6 more years of confusion and anti-climatic bowl seasons.


Brad said...

What about Texas Tech? Seems like everybody forgets that they've only had one loss too...and they beat Texas...which makes the head-to-head tiebreaker pretty much meaningless for OU/UT/TT. Sure they got spanked by OU, but does that make their season worthless? I don't think so.

In my opinion, Texas Tech is getting screwed more than anybody because of the ridiculous "no more than two teams from the same conference in BCS Bowls unless two are playing for the national title" rule.

Dom said...

you are absolutely right, and that is my point, though I glossed over it, I was looking more at the whole Big XII awards and pointing out the fact that it's terrible and needs to be fixed. Texas Tech is yet another example

Anonymous said...

interesting thing about the BCS - the computer segment kept Texas higher in the rankings than the two human segments - so quit your BCS whining - BTW, Go Gators!