Monday, December 22, 2008


This was too good to pass up. While surfing yesterday I came by the prediction for the Las Vegas Bowl:I don't know just how easily it is for you to make out the Highlight of that game in the screen cap but it was Mitch Payne's fourth successful Field Goal Attempt of the game that pushed the Cougars over the Cats in Vegas. Harvey Unga's 111yds on 17 carries and 3 TDs (error in the Foxsports graphic above since the official Whatif box score was 2 TDs which makes a lot more sense) helped the Cougars secure their 3rd consecutive Victory in Vegas.

Thank God video games don't determine the real outcomes of things.

In the real world, Unga managed 30 less yards (71) on the same 17 carries and Mitch Payne's foot was less the gift of Midas and more the gift of Norwood as he went 0/2 on FG trys, and his replacement, Sorensen, didn't fare much better going 0/1.

It's also nice to know that the folks at Whatif underestimated the Wildcat Senior QB. Willie T threw for 325 yds on a 24/35 night with 2 TDs and zero INT's complete with a Tebow-like 8 yard TD scamper. Compared to the fictional numbers of Willie's CGI counterpart going 12/34 for 172 yds 2 picks and 1 TD.

The fictional versions also didn't account for my new found distaste of Austin Collie, complete with his out of bounds cheap shot in the first half.

A little later today I'll have more analysis of the Cats Victory in Vegas.