Monday, January 5, 2009

Brett Grossman? Thomas Jones Speaks Out

Thomas Jones played 3 seasons in Chicago culminating in a trip to the Super Bowl. While there on a Super Bowl team, his Quarterback was none other than Turnover Machine Rex Grossman. How many times did Thomas Jones, a typically quiet, soft spoken guy, say anything negative about his Quarterback?


How many times did he call for Grossman's benching?


How many times did he say that Grossman was hurting the team?


So imagine my surprise of hearing the statements of the Former Bear while speaking about Jet Quarterback Brett Favre.

"We're a team and we win together ... but at the same time, you can't turn the ball over and expect to win,"

"The other day, the three interceptions really hurt us. I mean, that's just reality, If I were to sit here and say, 'Oh, man, it's OK,' that's not reality. ... I don't like it, I know everybody else on the team doesn't like it."

"If somebody is not playing well, they need to come out of the game,"

"You're jeopardizing the whole team because you're having a bad day. To me, that's not fair to everybody else. You're not the only one. So when you get to the wire and somebody is just giving the game up, I mean, it's just not [fair]."

Every single one of those statements could have been said a few years ago when Jones was frustrated watching Sexy Rexy throw the ball all over the place, having 3 INT days, but it seems that Favre's reign in New York was that much worse than Grossman's unholy time in Chicago. I'm just glad, as a Bear fan, that the Bears made the decision that they were sick of watching Grossman blow games for the Bears left and right.

Here's to an offseason without Favre flip flopping on decisions and making us wait to hear his decision, because even if he does want to come back, it doesn't sound like the Jets want him back. Two straight seasons of teams not wanting Favre to come back. It's nice to know that not only did he ruin his legacy in Green Bay, but he's gotten a lame legacy in New York as well.

Who's tarnished legacy is worse Favre's MVP and Super Bowl Champ to his newfound legacy of stringing out teams, blowing big games, and turning the ball over or Millen's legacy of a good College Player, Pro Player, Super Bowl Champ, and Analyst to his nearly single handed destroying of an NFL franchise? All Millen did was make a bad team worse.