Friday, January 30, 2009

Was Penders Right?

Tom Penders' buddy at ESPN, Norby, has finally returned Penders' calls and it turns out, maybe Penders wasn't as crazy as we all thought. In a radio interview recently Penders accused ESPN of doctoring the video and adding X-Ray vision. Here is the clip in question:ESPN does add a spot shadow to show Aubrey looking down, which as I mentioned in a Previous Post is debatable. The intention is there nonetheless. Plus the ESPN announcer says, "He wasn't looking down at him, but it was foot on top of head" 2 seconds after the alleged X-Ray vision clip shown above....

We here at The Beardown actually got ahold of the video that Penders was actually talking about when he mentions the X-Ray Vision. We all assumed it was the above clip, but I guess Penders' buddy Norby sent Penders an earlier copy that does give Penders' case of ESPN doctoring the video a lot more credence. We weren't allowed to post the video, but I have obtained permission to post a screen cap:
There you have it. It appears Penders isn't as crazy as we thought. ESPN really did give Aubrey Coleman X-Ray vision in an earlier version and then took it out. Maybe he's right about Aubrey not intentionally stepping on Chase after all.