Friday, January 30, 2009

Tom Penders is a Dirtbag

Earlier this week Tom Penders had the gall to stand up for what Aubrey Coleman did to Chase Budinger's face last Saturday saying that ESPN doctored the video and added the x-ray vision piece to make Aubrey look bad. What really made Aubrey look bad was stepping on Chase Budinger's face and shoulder. That made him look much worse than adding a little x-ray vision graphic.

Whether or not Coleman looked down to Chase there is indisputable evidence that he knew Chase was on the ground, based on the fact that he had just gotten called for a charge. He had plenty of time, 4 steps by my count (5 if you count the one on Chase's golden locks), to stop his forward progress, and I don't know maybe take a step to the left or right. But no, he chose to walk over Chase. Most players will help the guy up, even in a competitive rivalry game, or at the very least not step on their face.

In fact, Penders' account that Aubrey is looking up at the ceiling makes Coleman look even worse. It's like he's intentionally trying to make it look like an accident. No one in their right minds (other than Albert Haynesworth), knowing there was a body on the ground in front of them would take their eyes off of the floor. Most decent people would want to make sure they avoid the person lying on the floor.

Now whether or not Coleman intentionally stepped on Budinger's face is up for debate, but he definitely meant to step, or "accidentally" step on Budinger. In his interview with 1560 The Game Penders claims that there is video evidence from other angles that show Aubrey's innocence. The only thing I can think of is that the video angles are from a different game where Coleman was called for a charge and didn't intentionally stomp the player in front of him. I'm pretty sure that no matter where the Houston cameras were placed in McKale Center, it's pretty evident that Coleman knew exactly what he was doing...

To continue his quest to overtake Coleman as College Basketball's Biggest Scumbag, Penders went on to say that he had a sports psychologist come in to view the video and he said it was an accident. Furthermore, as Penders continues to try to dig the hole deeper, you know you can count on God's honest truth from this psychologist as he used to work for the Yankees. I just sit back and wonder if this was the same psychologist who claimed that Clemens "accidentally" chucked a jagged chunk of wood at Mike Piazza back in 2000.
Hell, I'm surprised Penders didn't punctuate his radio interview asking for a public apology from Chase Budinger for almost giving Coleman an ankle sprain or for smudging his Pumas.


Anonymous said...

Could you get started up?

I'm a UH student and fan, but I already decided that catching any weekend games is out of the question.

Penders time is up. Too bad he's got three years of 38 percent shooting ballclubs left.

Ron said...

You guys shouldn't be so shocked at the Tom "Mullett" Penders' behavior here.

I was at GW when this guy let Attila Cosby play for the team for a few months before informing the administration and the NCAA that Cosby was facing charges for robbing, beating and sodomizing a prostitute. Just as now, Penders argued that Cosby was the real victim.

And as far as firing Tom Penders, he doesn't care. When he misbehaved and brought scandal to GW they just let him leave and say it was for personal reasons, and even still paid him his full salary.

Anonymous said...

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