Thursday, May 1, 2008


Quite Frankly was one of the biggest atrocities to grace the TV Screen. The Stephen A. Smith Show on the Radio was one of the worst ideas since, well since Quite Frankly. And you want to know the sad thing. Smith has good opinions somewhere in the neighborhood of 80% of the time. He actually is smart, and knows what he's talking about. Unfortunately he is the single most abrasive voice in sports today. I used to listen to the Jungle on the way to and from home on my lunch break. I had already heard that entire hour while I was at work, but it was much, much, much better than listening to S.A.S scream and use stupid colloquialisms, try to sound hip and intelligent but coming off as gimmicky and obnoxious. I HATE Stephen A. Smith.

I should say I HATE(D) Stephen A. Smith ('s Radio Show). This morning he was on The Herd. Colin and S.A.S. discussed many things NBA (which is right up Smith's alley) They talked about D'Antoni, the Suns-Shaq deal, the Avery Johnson firing, and Kobe Bryant. It was early, and via cell phone, and Smith was being interviewed not filling up a couple hours on his own, screaming off his scripted takes, and you know what. He is really intelligent. When he isn't screaming and using the hip lingo, he's actually really well spoken. I can honestly say, if Smith were anything like he was this morning on The Herd I would actually probably listen to his show occasionally, especially when I wanted to hear Basketball talk.

To Stephen, I wish I could say you got the short end of the stick in an ever-changing market, but that simply isn't the case. Quite Frankly, you were abrasive and obnoxious, which is a damn shame because you also happen to be good at analyzing Basketball. If ESPN, or XM, or anyone, wanted to give you another show, I would be all for it, I really would, and I would listen. As long as it was taped at 7 or 8 am, and it was conducted through cell phones or microphones that are toned down. Or if you just stopped screaming, microphones make you audible, and you are in a sound proof radio booth, not a bar, no need to scream. You're talking to the masses on their daily commutes or while they're at work, not yelling and mixing in the obnoxious phrases.