Monday, May 5, 2008

Tebow Goes for New Record

First Sophomore to win the Heisman.
First Home-schooled athlete to win the Heisman.
First NCAA Div. I football player to throw and run for 20 TDs.
First Current Div I athlete to perform ritual circumcisions in the Phillipeans.


Wait, what was that?
Dr. Tebow, recognizeable here in blue with his broad shoulders and square haricut, went to the Phillipeans for his Spring Break and helped to remove cysts, pull teeth, and of course circumcise young impoverished youths.

Is there anything this young man can't do? Throw, Run, Surgical procedures, and of course we've seen him with some lovely ladies in the past, earning him the nickname, on this site of Double D-Bow.
Can't wait for the signs, shrits, and chants come SEC play next year.