Friday, April 18, 2008

All-Arizona Football Team

Hello again everyone, I would like to announce my Triumphant return to The BearDown. The last few weeks have been waaaaay too hectic. For all of you in Colorado, Texas, Tennesse, California, and Arizona I apologize for the ridiculous amount of calls and voicemails. It's my job and I hate it.

Back to sports. I attended the UA Spring Game this past weekend, and let's be honest. For what possible reason would people show up to watch a bunch of guys practice. Well, it's easy, we don't care much for the NBA, and we can smell football right around the corner. Like Cowherd says, there are 2 seasons: Football season and waiting for football season. So for all of you U of A fans out there I put together the 53 man roster of the All-Time Arizona football team. So here it is.


Usually teams (including the Tampa Bay Bucs) limit their QBs to 3 or Maybe 4. But Arizona hasn't had the best of luck when it comes to QBs, what with injuries and all. So the All-UA QBs are:

Fred W. Enke, Jr. (1946-1948)
Eddie Wilson (1958-1961)
John "Button" Salmon (1924-1926)
Tom Tunnicliffe (1982-1985)
Jason Johnson (1999-2002)


Full, Half, Running, Back, and of course in the early days of the game, players played by different titles. So the All-UA Backs are:

Bill "The Eel" Hargis (1928-1931)
Art Luppino (1953-1956)
Walt Nielson (1937-1939)
Bobby "The General" Thompson (1960-61)
Joe Hernandez (1960-1961)
Hubie Oliver (1977-1980)
Chuck Levy (1990-1993)
Trung Candidate (1996-1999)

Mike Bell (2002-2005) would have been considered if not for the Sunday Night Football game where he claimed Tolleson High School instead of The U.

Receivers/Tight Ends.

A Handful of quality receivers have graced the field at Arizona Stadium. So here are the All-UA WR/TEs:
Hank "Birdlegs" Stanton (1943-1945)
Thopolis "T" Bell (1972-1975)
Vance Johnson (1981-1984)
Richard Dice (1993-1996)
Dennis Northcut (1996-1999)
Brandon Manumaleuna (1997-2000)
Bobby Wade (1999-2002)


The big guys. The Tough Guys. The guys you always saw at The Bear Down Gym. The O-line. Here it is, the All-UA O-Linemen:

Tom Greenfield (1936-1938)
Bill Leuck (1964-1967)
Joe Toffelmire (1985-1988)
Glenn Parker (1988-1989)
John Fina (1989-1991)
Frank Middleton (1993-1996)
Edwin Mulitalo (1995-1998)
Kevin Barry (1998-2001)

And now on to the Defense, Arizona is Point Guard U, but no one pays attention to the fact that the Football team in Tucson has developed a few great Defensive players as well.


Through the years the UA has shown a few different Defensive sets and part of that has to do with the amount of Quality Defensive Linemen that have studied at Arizona. So here are the All-UA D-Linemen.

Mike Dawson (1972-1975)
George Hinkle (1984-1987)
Anthony Smith (1987-1990)
Ty Parten (1989-1992)
Rob Waldrop (1990-1993)
Tedy Bruschi (1992-1995)
Joe Salave'a (1994-1997)
Joe Tafoya (1997-2000)


The Brains of the Defense. Recognize, adjust, audible. UA isn't lacking for Great Linebackers. So much so that All-Pro Linebacker Tedy Bruschi played on the DLine in his time in Tucson. So here are the All-UA Linebackers.
Mark Arneson (1969-1971)
Ricky Hunley (1980-1983)
Byron Evans (1983-1986)
Chris Singleton (1986-1989)
Antonio Pierce (1999-2000)
Lance Briggs (1999-2002)
Spencer Larsen (2002-2007)

Defensive Backs.

The last line of defense. And once again, the UA isn't lacking for talent in the secondary either. So here are the All-UA DBs.

Warren Livingston (1957-1960)
Jackie Wallace (1970-1973)
Chuck Cecil (1984-1987)
Daryll Lewis (1987-1990)
Tony Bouie (1991-1994)
Chris McCalister (1995-1998)
Michael Johnson (2003-2006)
Antoine Cason (2004-2007)

Special Teams.

The game comes in 3 parts. Offense. Defense. And Special Teams. So here are the All-UA Special Teamers.

K Steve McLaughlin (1991-1994)
P Josh Miller (1992-1995)
KR/PR Michael Bates (1989-1992)