Thursday, April 3, 2008

Exhibit A: Tammy Thomas's 5 O'Clock Shadow

Tammy Thomas, a former member of the women’s U.S Olympic team, had gone to trial for perjury as a result of her testimony during the BALCO hearings in 2003. The trial concluded yesterday with federal attorney Jeff Nedrow explaining to the jury that Thomas’ medical records showed she went through a dramatic voice change, suffered from male pattern baldness, and even grew a beard. She has been banned from cycling for life since 2002, and probably rightfully so. This all seems to be a seemingly normal course of events for a steroid hearing, and nothing stuck out to me until a testimony from an Olympic Drug Tester. He testified that during a surprise drug testing visit to her home, she appeared to have come answer the door mid shave. He went on to explain that she still had remnants of shaving cream around her cheeks and ears. Does this sound insane to anyone else? If all the signs that a woman is beginning to have an explosion of masculine features isn’t enough, she is not even careful enough to get the rest of that Barbasol off her face? I’m not condoning steroid use in any way shape or form, but if you’re going to use it especially as a woman you’ve got to be a little more careful when trying to keep in on the down low. It is one thing to get caught, but to get caught cleaning up your 5 o’clock shadow puts you on the Pro side of reasons to thin out the gene pool.

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garnes said...

I think you should call her Tommy Tamas- give her a male identity

- the garnes