Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Opening Day

Opening Day thoughts. Yesterday was opening day, not the games in Japan (when you go back to Spring Training after, it doesn't count as Opening Day). Sunday night in DC was not opening day, it was a regular season game at a new park. Yesterday was Opening Day.

Things aren't looking too good Cub fan.
100 years of losing, and we start out with a 10th inning loss. Kosuke is the new heartbreaker. Going yard (on his 3-3 day) in the bottom of the ninth to tie the game at 3, just gives hope to the Cub fan. Followed by a handful of hits, sacrifies, and runs to have the Cubs lose 4-3. Welcome to the 2nd century of losing Cubs fans. It is still possible that the Cubbies will be 161-1 at the end of the season, but I think it's a higher possibility of another first round loss, if they make the playoffs.

100th anniversary of Take Me Out to the Ballgame and 100th anniversary of the Cubs not winning. I don't think so. But still I'm not buying my World Series Tickets.

Piece of Crap Eric Gagne is back.
For all the Brewers fans who said I was off saying that Gagne is going to Hurt the Brewers not Help, I guess I told ya so.

It just hurts sometimes.
Listening to Dan Patrick right now, discussing the Cubs game, "Kosuke Fukudome went yard late to tie, and it's a shame they didn't win on that, but what can you say, Typical Cubs. Ouch

Spending issues. Small markets complain to the Evil Empire in New York that things aren't fair. Well welcome to the Anti-New York. Florida Marlins, they spend nothing, get their revenue sharing from the major market teams, and if I were a Marlins fan I wouldn't follow baseball. They win and get torn apart, do nothing for years, win and tear the team apart. It's a Fortune 500 company that declares bankruptcy every 7 years.

Booing the President. President Bush was booed when he threw out the first pitch. I understand being upset with the way things have gone under his administration, I'm not an avid Bush supporter, TRUST ME, but respect the office of the President, don't boo him, the fact that you CAN boo him is just the reason why you shouldn't. Go to Iran go to Cuba go to North Korea see what it's like in those areas, just shut up. Guess what, the recession that we have been in for the last 8 years actually started 9 years ago, under Slick Willy Clinton. Bush got screwed with a great economy that was on it's way down and a terror attack that had to be dealt with. This is not a political statement, I am not a political person, but I do not appreciate disrespect of the office of the President. Also, for those of you who are so Pro-Hillary, look into her heathcare plans, the country is already in debt and recession, and she wants to bring back the same healthcare system that failed in Slick Willies first two terms. It's a bad idea, and it will send the country even lower into debt spending Billions to insure people who don't have insurance. Guess what. I hate my job, I miss my old job where I made approximately the same I do now, maybe more. The reason I got a job, Health Insurance. It's pretty common practice to get Health Insurance with a good job. I'm sick of Free-loaders and welfare cases. Enough of that I suppose.

The Hills.
I was forced, against my will to watch the Hills last night (payback for all of the football and basketball games Sarah has had to Endure. I HATE REALITY TV. Especially The Hills, I want to talk to the people out there who think this show is real and not scripted in any way. IIIII Want to TAAAALK to a HILLLLSSSS VIIIEEEEWWWEER. Plead your case, because this is one of the biggest atrocities to grace a TV screen. I remember when 4Real and Garnes tries to make me watch the Prequel, Laguna Beach, I chose instead to sit in the courtyard of the Frat house, drinking, smoking cigarettes, and waiting for the show to be over. Also, there was a commercial about a new series about the Editor of a School Newspaper. What will MTV do next, and this furthers that if you are over 18 years old you should not be watching MTV. When they are doing a show about the most popular of the unpopular kids in High School, it's the "hey change the channel now" moment, at least to me.