Monday, February 2, 2009

Broadcast Malfunction

For those of us desert dwellers in Tucson we happen to have a few choices for TV viewing. As we are all well aware the digital transition is coming up and those who haven't switched to digital are narrowing down their choices. I recently moved and jumped on the DirectTV bandwagon. But I was debating between DirectTV and Comcast for about a week until the decision was made. It appears it was the right choice.

Apparently those in Tucson viewing the KVOA signal on DirectTV, Dish Network, Cox Cable, or Comcast HD, saw exactly what everyone else in the world saw following Larry Fitzgerald's exciting go-ahead TD late in the 4th quarter. A bunch of commercials. But those viewing the standard definition Comcast KVOA channel were shown about 10 seconds of Porn. Seriously.

Only V years ago in Super Bowl XXXVIII viewers across the country saw .02 seconds of Janet Jackson's nipple shielded breast during the Halftime Show during the now famous Wardrobe Malfunction. I think this might be a little worse.

As for my Super Bowl predictions I made yesterday morning, it appears that I am an idiot and was wrong (to varying levels) on each of my predictions. As per usual, don't listen to my predations, I'm pretty much always wrong. The NSFW video can be found here for now.