Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Links of the Day

I know it's played out, people posting links. I know I did it a few times when I was out of things to talk about and it was a good way to burn about 25 minutes. With that said I'm not trying to burn any time. I just have had one of those web surfing days where I come across links that just steamroll over oneanother to the point that I just have to share some of them with you. First up:

Special thanks to Garnes on this one. We've all played around on Pandora. Where you enter a song or band and they just keep suggesting things from sometimes similar, sometimes completely off-based, artists and bands that they think you may like. Many of us are also hanging out on twitter. Well Blip decided to find a way to combine the two.

You can post songs (if they are located somewhere on the internet in mp3 format) and continually harass people who decide to follow you. I would also like to thank jrg4 a.k.a. Garnes for blaring Tracy Chapman - Fast Car at 12:45 today, RIGHT before I left for lunch. Yes I was the idiot driving down Speedway who couldn't get that little gem out of his head. Talk about a special kind of torture. But in all honesty this was a great way for me to kill about 2 and a half hours today, I know that because of the time stamps. And ultimately Blip led me to a band called Emocapella. Which leads me to...

What happens when you take a bunch of hoodie wearing college kids from the northeast with iPods and give them a few bottles of Jager? One can only assume that they, at some point, hit shuffle, wind up on their High School playlist of Brand New, The Starting Line, and begin singing their favorite songs. That is the only explanation for what happened to this group of guys from George Washington University.... I heard it and was at a loss for words. I googled it and found this:

It's absolutely amazing, in every sense of the word. Watch the two main guys in the middle, they are so into it, and based on the groups website I think I can safely say they get the joke. Also, they're really good. Which leads me to the next Google clip.

There aren't enough words to describe this, but I'll try. Randy Moller, the radio voice of Your Florida Panthers Hockey Team (I had to put Hockey there because I'm pretty sure a lot of people are unaware they have a hockey team) announcing goals. In the past I mentioned Dan Majerle's reference to "Don't forget the Coffee Hun" on dunks, but these pass that right by:

The next one hits a little close to home and no it's not facebook. It's MyParentsJoinedFacebook.com, and yes my parents have both joined facebook, but aren't in a relationship....weird. Is there something they're not telling me? Anyway, it's basically snarky comments about parents, aunts, and uncles who post status updates on facebook and comment on their children/niece/nephew's walls, and of course hillarity ensues. Also, take this opportunity to Friend The BearDown on Facebook.

Then there's always Our Yardbarker page if you want to go take a look at older articles and comments that have surfaced on that front, feel free, lot's of good stuff. Then again, I'm biased.

Of course, I can't do a link's post without discussing failblog. If you haven't visited yet please click the link at the left and spend the next few hours laughing. The pictures and videos are amazing.


Garnes said...

Oh you know it's easy listening here at work Dom, and I was working on a project, but none the less you are correct, nice little gem of a song.

Anonymous said...

Where is CJ Spiller? Ya'll best look out, he is gonna turn some heads. Clemson is back on the map and CJ is going to win the Heisman!