Thursday, February 26, 2009

An unexpected interview with Jim Livengood

As I sat in the terminal at Tucson "barely" international airport today and waited for the weather in Dom's hood to clear I happened upon the one and only Jim Livengood.

I was setting up at the laptop counter for a few hours of productivity while my plane was delayed for the third time. I looked up and immediately noticed the most scrutinized man in Tucson. Before I could look away or think of something he smiled at me and said hello, I replied hello Mr. Livengood and he smiled.

I quickly introduced myself and told him about some of our mutual acquaintances. He was very cordial and polite to say the least. He asked why I was traveling and where I was going and when I filled him in he wished me good luck and thanked me for my service to the country(I am a veteran and am en route to a student veterans conference). I told him that I did not envy him at the moment and that I wouldn't want to be in his shoes right now. He smiled at me said that he had every faith things would be fine and that he was grateful that this wasn't his first rodeo. He went on to say his experience as an AD has been helpful during the tougher moments this year.

We chit chatted about nothing in particular for a while and i asked him if he was headed to Washington to watch the Basket-Cats take on WSU and U-Dub. He said he was not and that he was headed to LA for some meetings but would be watching on the TV with baited breath like the rest of us. I told him how much fun the team has been to watch this year and how likable they were compared to years past.

He said he agreed and that he appreciated the kind of ambassadors to the community they were. We talked about some mutual contacts for a while and then his flight began boarding. He stuck out his hand as he stood and as we shook he thanked me again for my service. I told him I was anxious to see the fruits of his recent labor soon and he smiled, laughed and said that he was sure I was. I told him I would take his smile and demeanor as a good sign and he said I should and that the fan base and community would be very very(yes, two very's) happy in the months to come....fingers crossed - Randle El