Thursday, October 25, 2007


I hate to argue or debate, especially on a topic as low to me as this but, I cannot, by any way in my being root for the Rockies. And this is really hard for me, but it's a big picture kind of thing. My rules of fandom for the World Series are to root in the following fashion:

1) Root for the Cubs, they're my team, but since they haven't been in the world series since Hiroshima and Nagasaki were safe places to drink the water, that one rarely comes into play.

2) Gotta root for the National League team. My team is NL, I gotta root for my Conference (except for the St. Louis Cards) for the same reason I cheer for the NFC in the Super Bowl (unless it's the Cheeseheads) and the East in the NBA Finals and the Pac-10 (even ASU occasionally).

3) Always root for the underdog. It makes it a little more exciting to cheer for the team that doesn't have a chance, and you can feel a little more of the excitement.

4) Always root against the Sox, the Yankees, the Cardinals, and the Southside Sox, these are the teams I hate and will not budge on this fact.

With all of that said, the Rockies can NOT win this series for the sake of my mental health. I've waited 99 seasons for a World Series (well maybe not me personally, but my geneology and my franchise). The last decade of World Series Champions has been killing me slowly year by year and it has to stop now.
1997 - Florida Marlins took them 4 years to win a World Series, not fair.
1998-2000 - ok we get it, the Yankees are good, they already had 36 championships, why did they need 3 more, and in a row no less.
2001 - Arizona Diamondbacks, I cheered for the D-Backs, they fit into all 3 categories plus they're the hometown team and I had to cheer for Mark Grace, but they had only been in existance for 3 years.
2002 - the Angels, this is probably the only one in retrospect that I'm ok with, been in the league somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 years, hadn't even been there before. The only downside was the stupid Rally Monkey on my TV screen for a week, but I dealt with it.
2003 - Florida Marlins, ripping my heart out, stealing the NLCS away from my beloved Cubs (I have since released blame on Steve Bartman, it was his fault but he was in the wrong place, the 30 other people around him were doing the same thing, he was just the one who decided to fulfil his prophecy as continuing the curse, and Alex Rodriguez, not ARod, should have made that stop at short to end the inning), plus now the Marlins have won as many championships as the Cubs in 90 less seasons, not ok.
2004 - BoSox end their long streak and curse.
2005 - SouthSox end their streak, not to mention they're our crosstown rival
2006 - inter division rival wins theirs.

It all made sense, the Cubbies would win it this year to officially make it short of the century mark (though the '94 season was cancelled due to strike and I'm pretty sure we would have won it that year) and cap off a decade of habitually painful World Series stretches.

Well that didn't happen and now I have to watch the Colorado Rockies, a team whose die-hard fans, only sold out two regular season series' - the Yankees, and the last homestand. These are not true fans, how many Larry Walker and Andres Gallaraga jersey's are going to be at the Series. They're historically a joke playing at Coors Canavaral Launch Pad, never stringing together too much of an effort and come in last place for hometown fans. They love the Broncs, the Lanche, and the Nugs more. They cannot continue this stretch of twisting the knife into Cub Fans back. In the name of everything Holy (Harry Caray, Jack Brickhouse, Ernie Banks, Ron Santo, Billy Williams, etc) don't let the Rockies win the World Series.