Friday, October 26, 2007


This is a short one, just for the thought provoking purposes:

Devin Hester, arguably the best return man in the game and definitely one of the most dangerous players on the field. In the 2006 season, he scored on 6 returns, the rest of the NFL combined for 18. Here's the math to make it easy for you, Hester scored 1/4 of all kick/punt/FG returns last season out of the entire NFL. Plus he tacked one on in the Super Bowl giving him 7 total returns for his Rookie season. The record holder of most career return touchdowns: 13 Brian Mitchell in 13 seasons. Hester was past halfway there after one season in the NFL. He's already tacked on 3 more this season (73 yard punt return vs. the Chiefs, 97 yard kick return vs. the Lions, and an 89 yard punt return vs. the Vikes)that's 9 regular season and 10 total in less than 2 seasons. And he's on pace to get 8 this season alone scoring one every other week so far. Not to mention he is quickly becoming an offensive threat.

A look at his Rookie season Highlights:
Tied (teammate Nathan Vasher's record) 108 yard FG return for the longest play and return in NFL history
Most TD returns in a regular season (6)
Most TD returns in a season (6)
Most TD returns in a regular season as a Rookie (6)
Most TD returns in a season as a Rookie (7)
Most TD returns in one game (2) *Tied with 5 others
Also set Team records for most kick return yards in a game (225), most punt return yards in a game (152), and punt return yards in a season (518)

He also changed the game, teams are drafting returners now look at Miami picking Ted Ginn, Jr. with the 9th overall pick and Cam Cameron defending his pick (over Brady Quinn who most thought was going in that spot) by saying that Ginn would be a great return man in the NFL.... What, a top ten pick for a guy who will handle the ball maybe 5 times in a game. Quite a difference a year makes, or rather a player.

Oh, and he's the first and only player with a 100 rating in any statistical Madden Category.