Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Welcome to the Beardown.

After years of deliberating, criticizing, formulating, idealizing, bashing, drinking, and mocking; we feel it necessary to supply the unconventional sports blog. The Beardown aims to be the epitome of every sports analysis site without the analysis. You may ask "What is the point then?" For all of us who enjoy sports for everything besides the numbers and the stats, we bring the useless banter of sports bars, tailgates, and gameday get-togethers to your finger tips. We also happened to throw in the spontaneous conversations and sarcastic analysis that flow through our prolific minds day in and day out.

In the wonderful style of the Saturday Night Live sketch "Linda Richmond", topics will post throughout daily, sometimes more than that, drawing from our deepest, darkest gripes, put downs, puns, analogies, and hopefully at some point historically accurate points towards the topic.

but if we're lazy...we may just rant.