Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Whatchu Talkin' 'Bout Willis?

Topic: Jacksonville Jaguars: Jones-Drew: the rise of the "little guy"

Let's go over a few people from past and present:

Doug Flutie - The internationally popular liliputian Boston College quarterback slang the 'skin in and out of the United States and won Championships in two countries. Answered the call of the Buffalo Bills post Jim Kelly woes. Also made glorified Frosted Flakes and made it into Maxim's 25 Biggest Short men.

Steve Smith - A personal favorite of mine, a squirrely reciever out of Utah but considered one of the top ten recievers in the league-a position where height usually is a must-Smith helped the Panthers get to the Super Bowl in 2003. Bojangles.

Dennis Northcutt/Syndric Steptoe- Basically the same person...the typical Arizona bred reciever. 5'10" or shorter, fast, with good hands. Both drafted by the Browns. Both started as kick returners. However Northcutt being the veteran, now is in Jacksonville complimenting Jones-Drew's attack by thwarting defenders by running between their legs.

Jacksonville's run-game...is their only game as proven last night during their game against the Colts. And Jones-Drew scored their only touchdown. Now I'm not trying to bag on any of these short NFL players because they're pretty sweet and I'm not gonna claim that my awesome 6'0" frame trumps their shortness, but is the whole idea of tiny NFL players making a ruckus in the league worth all this attention. I liken them to lap dogs. Every now and then it'll bitch some big ass dog that only looks tough and anyone that sees it will run their mouth about it-especially the owner-but when it comes down to it...it reverts to the same issue...they're tiny, chatty, and just begging to get smacked.

However, a little change up could be good, especially if it helps heal a sore spot in a roster as Jones-Drew has for the aging Fred Taylor. I wonder if Lovie Smith will bite on this theory and look up Nick Costa..

What really peeves me is never ending ranting of sports announcers about these napoleonic "powerhouses". Yea the guy is sub par in the height department, and yes he just broke off a nasty ass run/catch/kick/hit/dance. How about just a simple "damn" and if more emphasis is required you could jazz it up with a "dayam". Honestly, the biggest mistake is the under-estimation of these guys, and when you do that, you just feed into that over-sized ego. The minute you take their little bodies for granted, it'll fuck you over. Ask Jack Del Rio...how'd that turn out for them last night?