Wednesday, October 24, 2007

F*$@ the Red Sox

So I'm watching Outside the Lines today between classes, and of course the Boston Red Sox are on. Now I let them waste my time talking about them because well there's nothing else on television at 12:15pm on a Wednesday and today is the first game of the World Series. But then they pull away to a special about the "Red Sox Fans" and incorporate two "analysts" to examine this apparent phenomenon. They dropped some stupid ass stats like Tampa Bay baseball attendance increases by 54% when the Red Sox are in town, the Red Sox have the most home game sell outs since 2004 out of all MLB teams, and the daunting one about being more "popular" than the "evil franchise" the New York Yankees.

All I have to say is, thank you Outside the Lines for perpetuating these ludicrous, bandwagon following "New Englanders". Is a wonder why every game has been sold out since the Red Sox won the World Series? Sounds like a phenomenon there. It feels like it's the 90s all over again and the Dallas Cowboys have won the Super Bowl for the third time. Don't call these Red Sox followers "fans", don't let them think they have contributed any time in the perpetual let downs that followed them with the "Curse of the Bambino".

Also with the second largest payroll in the league only second to the "Bandwagon" franchise of the Yankees, it's a mystery why they're in this World Series. And although I'm not a fan of Rockies followers, Boston Red Sox "sheep" have brought the idea of the sports fan to a new low. I'm making a deal with God that if I start going back to church, the Red Sox better fall out. Let's see where those "die hard road fans" go if they don't make the play offs next year. Go Rockies.