Monday, October 29, 2007

Genarlow Wilson

For those of you who do not know the story of Genarlow Wilson, look it up for the background. For those of you who do I'm posting this link:

It is an article about Genarlow Wilson's first days out of prison, and if it doesn't give you chills at some point, I'm at a loss of words for you. Think about what position this guy was in, a young, popular, star football player caught fooling around with a girl 2 years younger than him (17 and 15 years old respectively) and because of three reasons:

an obscure law against oral sex

the fact that the law was repealed after his case brought so much attention to it, but was not retroactively enacted

the love for his younger sister and admitting guilt meant he could never see her again or live in the same house

because of these reasons he spent almost 3 years in jail. He was an all state DB, shut down Calvin Johnson back in the day. Had a very bright future, taken from him with a 10 year sex offender jail term. It took almost 3 years and countless appeals and on his last shot, a long shot, he was released from prison. ESPN gets a huge credit for this, they broght the case and the injustice into the light for people who rose up and voiced their opinion to let him out. Hopefully for him he can get back that speed and mind for the game so he can go to school and right a very big wrong and make a name for himself. He recently stated that he felt he needed to go to these schools to get the education and become successful to thank those people who put their reputation on the line. I think, personally, his never give up, the odds are never too high, and his love for his family are traits that make me proud of him, and I don't even know him.

Genarlow Wilson, congratulations, you have done something to make many proud, you fought the law, and rising, at times insurmountable odds, and you won. You make many of us realize it's never too late, and some things are worth fighting for. And to BJ Bernstein, you too deserve a congratulations and a job well done.