Saturday, October 27, 2007

Weekend Picks (delayed)

Well my weekend has started off just fantastic. I mean that literally, Boston College beat VaTech in a dull game up until the last 5 minutes. Matt Ryan keeps his Heisman hopes alive and my initials are glorified nation-wide. Anyways in hopes of keeping with this my pool will survive this week...

The Big Contenders
Oregon over USC-Dennis Dixon is too much for the USC defense right now, and I applaud the decline. Jonathan Stewart has almost 1000 yards rushing this year, and he's gonna get nasty on USC. Along side Stewart is Colvin, Dickson, and Williams throwing up over 1000 recieving yards combine for this year. Let's not forget the fact that Arizona put up 13 points on this "Pete Carroll" defense...and Stanford put up 24. Trojan Horse defeat thee, cocky bastards

South Florida over UConn - South Florida is pissed about their loss last week, Grothe is a certified badass. UConn also has yet to play a real team...and win.

Cal over AZst- After a two game skid, Cal is an actual program that bounces back correctly. They won't kick Longshore out of the starting spot, fire their coach, and bring in a historical cheater. Then again, I hate ASU and again, they haven't played the top half of the Pac-10. Stop blowing smoke up their ass.

NCState over UVA - the spread is 3.0 points, NCState has yet to win a game in conference and they've had a NASTY schedule, where UVA has had a middle of the road schedule and with UVA's depressing win margin at 4 points, the Wolfpack actually have a shot.

For Sunday...

Panthers over Colts - It's a stretch, but there's a chance. With Harrison out, Panthers coming off a bye week, A veteran veteran at the helm, there's a damn good chance here.

World Series? Don't really care now...

I leave you with... The last drive of the Boston College game