Monday, October 6, 2008

Arizona Answers Some Questions With Win Over Washington

This weekend our Arizona Wildcats played host to the Locker-less Washington Huskies. To be honest, I had mixed feelings going into this game because of the performances of both squads so far this season. First off I didn’t want to get too excited about our Cats, yet, but coming off a 31-10 win over UCLA didn’t humble my spirits any. This season Arizona is averaging 43.6 points per game while only allowing 13.6 a game. Statistics should always be taken at face value but after a 48-14 win over the Huskies it looks like they are pretty spot on. As far as preparing for the Huskies I had a couple of lingering questions that I knew I would have to wait for game time to have answered. The first was if Washington was as bad as they seemed or if it was their schedule that is just that ridiculous.

Washington opened with #21 Oregon followed by #15 BYU, #3 Oklahoma, Stanford, and finally our Cats. They came out of that stretch 0-5, and maybe they deserve to be at the bottom of the Pac. Now that they have lost their leading passer, rusher and really the face of their squad in Locker I don’t think that we will ever find out if they are better than they look on paper.

The second question in all our minds was how good is Arizona this year? We know now that we are one stumble (Loss to New Mexico) from being close to a Top 25 ranking and that we are in fact a really good squad. Good is relative though, and no we are not on the same caliber as a lot of Nationally Ranked programs. That being said, the way the Pac looks this year I don’t think it is unrealistic to think that we might actually have a legitimate shot at the Rose Bowl.

Quick Stats from this weekend:
QB: Tuitama: 17/21 81% 193 Yds 3 TD 0 INT
RB: Grigsby 14 Car 113 Yds 1 TD
TE: Gronkowski 5 Rec 109 Yds 3 TD

Next week will be heading west to take on Stanford followed by a home game against Cal. As fat as I am concerned we have two more weeks before we can get ahead of ourselves and start planning our Bowl Game road trip possibilities.

I’ll have a preview for the Stanford game up soon.
4Real Out…..