Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Coach To Cure MD: Help Raise Money for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

This Saturday is going to be a one day event called Coach to Cure MD in order to raise money for Duchenne Muscle Dystrophy. Parent Project Muscle Dystrophy is teaming up with the American Football Coach’s Association to help raise awareness and funds to help the cause. Currently there are 2,675 coaches from 204 colleges in the United States and an estimated 10,000 coaches worldwide that will be participating.

Arizona is one of the schools that will be doing their part, however, the organization is looking to raise $10,000 per school and sadly Arizona has raised only $35.00.

Donating is simple. Probably the easiest way to donate is by texting “CURE” to 90999. The text will cost you $5 which will go directly the to the campaign. You can also donate online directly, or even sponsor a tailgate this Saturday.

The total goal of the campaign is $500,000 and three days before the event only $111,605 has been raised. I encourage everyone to make a donation and be a part of a good cause. All schools are represented, and you can visit the website for your school’s information as well as more resources regarding the campaign.