Thursday, October 2, 2008

Basket Cat News and Notes; The Wedding Edition?

In keeping with the tradition of soap opera tactics and plot lines from the hallowed halls of McKale big news drops straight from Papa Lute's mouth. Apparently, as is being reported by several news sources, last night during a benefit dinner at the student union Papa Lute decided to share his recent "catch" with the crowd. I must say I wish I had as much game as Papa Lute.

The dinner was hosted by Wildcat great and current Suns GM Steve Kerr, who is town with the Suns training camp for the next few weeks. This news coupled with the reneging of a scholarship offer to recent commit Reger Dowell is keeping the nay-sayer's and smack talkers in business.

In other former Basket Cat news, we here at TheBearDown couldn't be happier for long time Cat, Kirk "Big Nasty" Walters; He has signed a deal with the NBA D-League...while this doesn't guarantee him a roster spot it does give him a chance and after a less then spectacular college career (hampered by injuries, Mono, and Kevin O'Neal)that's about all he could ask for.

Another former Basket Cat in the news is one of my all time favorites Michael Dickerson. Apparently a bit of soul searching and some yoga has lead him to rekindle his NBA dream. Once considered a sure-fire prospect, injuries and playing for the Grizzlies derailed what was beginning to be a fantastic pro career. After several surgeries, much rehab and a few years in invite to the Cav's camp. I for one am pulling for one of the coolest guys to grace McKale to make it again and I have a hunch 4Real might be pulling for him also.

That's all for now...Until next sand through an hour glass;these are the days of our wildcat lives.