Saturday, October 11, 2008

LSU's Jean-Francois Won't Be In Gainesville

College Football starts at the break of down here in the Southwest, not because you have to get up to Tailgate but because the games literally start at 9 am. So for you just waking up out here, I thought I’d throw up a couple posts and tell you what we missed since the sun rises a little later out here.

Jean-Francois, defensive linemen for LSU, talked a big game early this week regarding the Marquee match up against Florida this week.

If we get a good shot on [Tebow], we're going to try our best to take him out of the game. With his size and his heart, it's hard to get a clean shot. Every lineman wants to get a good hit on a Heisman Trophy winner.

A lot of people took this as offensive, but in reality it is actually a compliment to Tebow. Either way you look at it, it got the Gators fired up. Unfortunately, Jean-Francois will not be able to back up his claims tonight.

A statement was given by LSU from Jean-Francois saying

We never go into any football game trying to hurt a player from the other team. My comments in regard to Florida quarterback Tim Tebow were misinterpreted and were intended to reflect the style of football that we play at LSU. We have great respect for Tim as a player and a competitor. By taking him out of the game, I meant as a defense we are going to try to make him ineffective. I'm sorry that my initial comments were interpreted another way.

The linemen is apparently suffering from a groin injury and did not travel with the team., and thus was not able to give the statement in person It seems pretty funny to me that the player with the most French sounding name was sidelined with lack of testicular fortitude.