Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Arizona-USC: Things To Keep In Mind

The Wildcats are coming off a big win against previously ranked No. 25 Cal, which has put them in a four-way tie for first place in the Pac-10. Oregon, Oregon State, Arizona, and USC are all currently sitting at 3-1, but from where I’m sitting, Arizona and USC are sitting on top.

Everyone knows about USC’s prowess, influence in the polls, and overall program prestige. What you aren’t hearing is that Arizona is so confident in their squad that our Wildcats know that they are playing for the Pac-10 Championship this weekend.

What should you know about this weekend’s matchup between USC and Arizona?

First of all, the Cats match up very well against the Trojans and as of late have played them tough.

Hard to believe?

2007: Arizona travels to LA to take on No. 10 USC.

Tuitama, in his first year in Dykes' system, completed 30-43 passes for 233 yards and no interceptions or touchdowns. Sanchez completed 19-31 for 130 yards, one TD, and two INTs.

Neither running game was spectacular for either squad, and both have improved immensely from last year. As is the case with most Arizona losses, it simply came down to mental errors.

It is tough to win a game against a team like the Trojans of '07 when you lose three fumbles and only rush for 22 total yards. That’s what the Cats did, and that is why they narrowly missed pulling the upset.

Total yards for Arizona were 255 and 276 for USC.

The Trojans won 20-13.

Second of all, the Trojans have to come into to Tucson on Homecoming. Arizona has a history of upsetting in big games, especially when they have sellout crowds like this weekend will be.

In case you already forgot:

2005: Arizona 52, No. 7 UCLA 14
2006: Arizona 24, No. 8 Cal 20
2007: Arizona 34, No. 2 Oregon 24

Keep it in mind as this week goes on. I don’t think that this game is as unevenly matched as most people think. USC, you are officially on upset watch.

More as the week goes on...