Thursday, October 16, 2008

Torros Return To Tucson

For those of you living in Tucson this may be old news or maybe you just missed it like I had. Starting in 2009 the Torros will be returning to Tucson, this time as a part of the Golden Baseball League. The news became official about a month ago when they finally settled all the negotiations, and have now found a home at Hi Corbett Field. For those of you unfamiliar with the GBL it was formed in 2004 and currently has 10 teams in two divisions. The Torros have been added to the South Division along with the Long Beach Armada, Orange County Flyers, St. George Roadrunners, and Yuma Scorpions. The Torros will be playing an 80 game schedule split evenly between home and away starting in May.

The Torros date back to 1969 and for the sake of simplification played until the Sidewinders took over in 1998. Since the Sidewinders 08’ season was their last in Tucson before moving to Reno, the Torros have returned. I’ll be looking forward to watching these games, and am glad that the tradition of some level of professional baseball in Tucson will live on.