Monday, October 6, 2008

Heisman Busters: Week 6

Well I am back for another round of giving mention to those who have yet to be recognized by the big boys of sports coverage. Remember I am using ESPN’s Heisman watch list as the basis for those who aren’t in talks of being immortalized in Bronze.

Quick Recap of Heisman Buster Alum (Those who broke on to the list following my endorsement):

QB Mark Sanchez USC
QB Max Hall BYU
RB Jahvid Best Cal
RB Javon Ringer MSU
RB Donald Brown UConn
Past Weeks: Week 1, Week 2, Week 4

Who else is out there? There will be a point where there are no high caliber players that could possibly bust up the Heisman Race left, but until then I will continue to throw names out there.

RB MiQuale Lewis: Ball State
Week 6 vs. Toledo: 31 Car 157 Yds 2 TD
Season: 143 Car 802 Yds 12 TD
Why and Why Not?: Ball State appears to be the hot new team trying to break on the scene, and they took a big step when they broke into the Top 25 as of this morning. Unfortunately they play in the MAC, and all though they are ranked I would still ask Eugene Jarvis if he thinks a MAC running back can put up good enough numbers to get some recognition.

QB: Zac Robinson: Oklahoma State
Week 6 vs. Texas A&M: 10/13 76.9% 186 Yds 3 TD 15 Car 66 Yds 2 TD
Season: 62/86 72.1 % 1035 Yds 10 TD 3 INT 47 Car 158 Yds 4 TD
Why and Why Not?: His QB Rating is 204.58 which is the third highest in the nation. Unfortunately, the rest of his numbers are not as overwhelming as some of the other quarterbacks in contention. It is not likely that he will be able to compete against the big names from the big programs, but he deserves some recognition for taking Ok State into the Top 25 none the less.

QB Daryll Clark: Penn State
Week 6 @ Purdue: 18/26 220 Yds
Season: 80/124 1116 Yds 9 TD 1 Int
Why and Why Not? I had Penn State running back Evan Royster on the last couple installments of this article, but his time splitting has really hurt him numbers wise. One of the biggest reason he made it was because of his squad. It is now becoming more apparent that Clark is one of the biggest reason why Penn State may be the best team in the Big Ten. Eventually someone will start talking about Clark.

We’ll see how the week unfolds, and hopefully I can continue to dig up players for the following weeks. Until then….

4Real Out….