Monday, September 8, 2008

The Boys are Back

Sorry Tony Dungy but the first win in Lucas Oil Stadium goes to Lovie Smith, thanks to a rookie out of Tulane who on his first opening game in the NFL scored a touchdown, sacked a Superbowl MVP and got compared to Walter Payton, not a bad night for Matt Forte. Forte was amazing last night, he proved himself in training camp and last night showed why he deserved to start. I'm calling it early that he is the breakout star of the Chicago Bears.

It seems as though everyone had the Colts favored to win last night, ......except Brian Urlacher ( see his post game interview- his facial features are priceless). Who seemed to be in quite the mood last night ( no doubt that it had nothing to do with his glorious Old Spice commercial). Two minutes in Urlacher and Manning are going at it, apparently Urlacher doesn't like to be accused of hitting too hard. Urlacher not one to shy away from blunt honesty had said in recent weeks that the defense of the Bears was shaky at best. Well you wouldn't have known it last night. Last night the Bears accomplished what they failed to do in the Super Bowl, they got physical. They controlled the clock and they played smart.

It also worked to the Bears advantage that Peyton Manning was completely off his game. Granted his knee and lack of training camp preparation didn't help, but I'm not sure that even at his best he could have held off the Bears last night, they were on a mission to prove something whether it was redemption for two years ago or just an opening statement to the league I'm not sure.

Kyle Orton was the wild card of the game, he was either going to make it work or give Bears fans an ulcer. While he did nothing impressive last night, only had 130 passing yards and no touchdowns he also had no interceptions and made no major mistakes. He played safe but safe play is better than Rex play. It was also painful to see NBC pan to the sidelines and show Rex Grossman standing up like he was getting ready to go in, sit down Rex, it's over.

Overall, the Bears had a great opening first game. As a fan, I was no longer nervous or angry- I've left that in my Rex era. If the defense can sustain all season and Kyle Orton gain more confidence in his play..... I'm calling that the Monster's of the Midway have returned.