Tuesday, September 23, 2008

To You Weisgipper...

O.K. Weisgipper lets take our little disagreement out of the ally and into the arena.....

You maintain that we unfairly criticize your team The Fighting Irish of Notre Dame and that we are "homer's" for our "mild-cats" as you so eloquently put it. I will freely admit that I am a nutcase, over the top, biased as hell WILDCAT fan, but I am also a realist. I have criticized much about our proud program and even agreed with you that we are a mid level D-1 team at best in past posts...But you sir, the bastion of honest and balanced analysis take exception to what we have said or done to soil the honor that belongs to touchdown Jesus and the golden dome.

I feel like maybe I can help you find your sanity and regain some of the respect and friends you must surely have lost in your life over these delusions of grandeur...with out further adieu I present the evidence(duh-duh duuhhhhhhhh)

Exhibit A: The stats of the so called Mild-cats as of the completion of week 4

per gameNCAAPAC10

Total Offense
423.5 yds36th5th
Total Defense
221.8 yds7th2nd
Points Scored
42.5 pts14th4th
Points Allowed
15.5 pts29th2nd

36th nationally on total offense, 14th in scoring offense...wow

7th in total defense....that's just preposterous, surely something is wrong here

Lets see exhibit B the stats of the proud, tradition filled, TV time deserving IRISH

per gameNCAAIA

Total Offense
286.7 yds106th3rd
Total Defense
359.7 yds69th2nd
Points Scored
21 pts89th3rd
Points Allowed
17.7 pts36th1st

Uh-oh one of us appears to be better....I won't rub your nose in it man...clearly it's because you guys are playing so many quality opponents while we are playing cupcakes.

We beat Idaho 70-0...they suck I'd compare them to, Oh I dunno...San Diego State who lost to Cal-Poly before losing to Notre Dame...Notre Dame dominated the mighty Aztecs and pulled out the convincing win 21-13...Clearly a case of homer-ism

How about your dominating performance against the storied program in Ann Arbor, big time college football folks...How was that not on two networks at once to handle the public clamoring for more coverage...We'll compare your victory over Michigan to ours over...Toledo who gave #25 Fresno St all it could handle this weekend....We beat Toledo 41-16, you beat the mighty might Wolverines 35-17....Wow that also seems close...again let's not let the facts speak lets just assume that I made all this up.

Bottom line is this - Notre Dame is a FARCE...they do not deserve to be on TV every week and you Mr.Weisgipper are exactly the reason that 99% of the world hates Notre Dame...Your sense of false entitlement and inflated worth are scary...I hope you find a quiet little corner to spend your happy time, because yours is with out question a lonely existence...Your arguments all resemble your coach at the moment....Lame

P.S. - Our ESPN analyst's son was a 1st round draft pick, yours is in some trouble.

Originally posted by Matt Randle "El". I, Dom, deleted and edited the piece and have nothing to say negative about the Irish.