Friday, September 5, 2008

College Football....Where would you go?

I have been rolling this premise around with 4real for a little while now and since I am way tardy on posting I thought this would be an interesting piece to quench the thirst of my clamoring fans...all 3 of them

So here is the question, If you were a High School Senior and had your pick of any college coach to play for with the end goal of making the NFL, where would you go? Simply what coaches are the NFL development guru's for each major position group? Which system's are the factories for each position? The criteria is not NFL stardom, simply putting kids into the league.

With out further adieu.....

QB's - This is the easiest for me by far...Pete Carroll...Every starting QB in the Pete Carroll era is in the league. It is as close to an automatic as there is in this discussion. Even career back up Matt Cassel is quasi famous and in the league. Mark Sanchez seems well on his way as well.

Runner up - Norm Chow - You have to give a man credit when it is due, clearly Pete Carroll benefited from Norm being the OC and developing all those guys. Also it was evident that Vince Young was learning from Norm and as of last week UCLA can beat an SEC power with a 3rd string QB and Norm's 2nd half adjustments.

RB's - Tommy Tuberville - his Auburn programs are responsible for 5 starting running backs in the NFL right now...Considering he has only going into his 10th year as Head Coach I would say that is an amazing feat.

Runner up - Mack Brown has pumped running backs into the NFL with astonishing regularity. Set your clock to it, every 3 years he will produce a top tier RB for the draft.

WR's - John Cooper/Jim Tressel(Ohio St) - Seriously the number of receivers that has come out of this program is scary. You can't separate them because several players spanned the coaching change and the consistent pace at which good WR's comes out of OSU is impressive.

Runner-up - Steve Spurrier/Urban Myer(Florida) - Same as above, just not in quite as large amounts and a little less regularly.

OL - Bobby Bowden - This guy seems to have two or three O-Lineman drafted every year. You have to respect the fact that his track record is as consistent as it is for as long as it is.

Runner-up - Pete Carroll - All that offense starts up front...He has had a 1st round AND a 2nd round O-Lineman drafted in each of the last 3

D-Line - Bobby Bowden - Hands down the easiest pick in all of this article. His FSU teams produce DL prospects like fat kids eat large amounts....Look up the list of current players in the NFL and count the D-lineman.

Runner-up - Honestly, there isn't another coach that comes close...schools do but they tend to have had several coaches over a period of time i.e. Miami

LB's - Miami(pick a coach) - To many LB's have come from the U to not bend the rules a bit...Randy Shannon needs to keep the tradition alive, but for the time being it speaks for itself.

Runner up- John Cooper/Jim Tressel - The list is long and impressive and doesn't look like it will stop anytime soon.

DB's - Bob, Mike and Mark Stoops - When you think DB's in the last 15 years you must think of Miami, Oklahoma and Arizona...These three men where the Architects of all of those Defensive Backfields.

Runner-up - See any of the programs above, OU-Miami-Arizona - Pick 'em

K/P - Seriously...I could care less...Best guess is Arizona - not trying to be a homer - 2 kickers in the league as we speak