Tuesday, September 23, 2008

News and Notes

A few different news and notes for this week.

I had a fun little mold problem at my apartment and moved a couple time (hotel, temp apartment) which means no cable or TV whatsoever. I've also been swamped at work fitting 7 days worth of work into less than 3 so needless to say, I've been a little busy. So there hasn't been an updated Top 25 or Heisman Hopefuls countdown. We will see what develops tomorrow but worst case, hopefully I'll have something for you by Thursday, only 3 days late.

First off last week I decided that a Cubs/White Sox World Series would be crowned the Red Line Series.

Well, apparently Scott Merkin is an avid Beardown reader and decided to write a piece about the possible Chicago Series. This series has never, to my knowledge been called the Red Line Series, until I wrote about it last week. I said you would see it everywhere.

Next on my list of things to discuss an old DMX song. People constantly suggest that 2Pac was predicting his death, others deaths, and of course faked his own death to live on a beach with Elvis. Going as far as to call him this generations Nostradamus at times. Well I never knew that DMX was going to predict the Pacman Jones fiasco:

and to hear the unedited ending with gunshots:


More Music and More Cubs: Thank you Eddie Vedder

And for those of you wondering where I stand on the whole Notre Dame thing, I am a huge ND fan and have been for as long as I can remember (Thanks Dad!) so needless to say it pains me to have to agree with certain sections of Randle's argument against Notre Dame. But then again, I only agree to a select few sections and I totally disregard his SDSU/Cal Poly argument as I have always disregarded the if/then arguments thrown about in Sports. If a team beats one team it is no measure of how good they really are. So I totally disagree with his statement of, "San Diego State who lost to Cal-Poly before losing to Notre Dame...Notre Dame dominated the mighty Aztecs and pulled out the convincing win 21-13". I guarantee that SDSU probably brought their "A" game against Notre Dame and put up a better fight than they did in their loss to Cal-Poly. As I wrote in another earlier article,

'I hate the 'in turn' argument. As a Comment to the
original Heisman post back in December I received a plea for Appy St. QB Amanti

'Armanti Edwards is the Truth. He should win the Heisman, he's
the best all around football player in the country. He handled Michigan, who in
turn, handled Tib [ed. note: I assume he meant Tim here but I can't be positive]
Tebow's Florida, what other proof do you need...'

So then by that thought process Arizona should have won the National Championship last year right? After all, Arizona beat Oregon, who beat Michigan, who beat Florida, who beat Kentucky, who beat LSU. Just send the trophy back to Tucson."

Again, sorry Randle but I wanted to make it clear to our readers that not all of us (Me), though most of us (Garnes, 4Real, Randle), dislike Notre Dame. With that said, it's almost painful being a ND fan and having to watch your team get beat at home 6 or 7 times a year on National TV. But I do love having Notre Dame most weeks even just to watch Notre Dame football, deserving the TV Coverage or not it's a matter of making money and Notre Dame has one of the largest audiences and it makes sense for NBC.

Did anyone else see all of the pictures of Roger Clemens and Joe Torre in the Yankees goodbye ceremony....Wait they weren't in it? Real Classy New York. I might not agree with everything that Roidger has done, but he is still a rather large portion of Yankee history, and success. And don't get me started on leaving out Joe Torre. I may hate the Yankees, but I'm pretty sure that Joe Torre was the last New York Manager to lead the Yankees to the Postseason. In fact the last time the Yankees weren't in the postseason it was the Strike shortened year when they were in 1st place in the AL East. And of course the year before under Buck Showalter. In fact they won 4 World Series Titles with Torre. Wait isn't Torre's LA team going to the playoffs after not making it last year? Hmmmmmm.

Again I am Cable-less for the next couple weeks so I will be watching every Cubs playoff game at the Trident Bar and Grill in Tucson, AZ. If you are in the area come watch the Cubs with me and possibly 4Real, Randle, and maybe some other guest appearances. For those of you in the greater Dallas region I'll be in the West End area on Thursday and Friday night so keep an eye out.

I said it before, I'll say it again. Favre still sucks and is still overrated.

I'm not a Uni-obsessed guy like many out there but the Cats came out against UCLA Saturday sporting Red Pants. I don't like the Red Pants. 1 singular reason why. Blue Helmet, White Jerseys, Red Pants. I'm ok as long as 2/3 match or else it looks like it was pieced together at the Clearance rack at Sports Authority. Red Helmet, Red Pants, White or Blue Jersey. Fine. Blue Helmet, Red Jersey, Red Pants, I'm all for it. But that multi-colored combo just looks thrown together and sloppy. They look like a HS team that left their gear on the bus, or the Freshman wearing the hand-me-downs. And of course it reminds me of an old Optimal Stubble Cartoon:

Who else is ready for a Tiger-less Ryder Cup team in 2010. It's funny just how absolutely AMAZING Tiger is that the team actually wins without him. In my theory when Tiger is there the rest of the USA guys choke and shudder in his aura of greatness and there is no sarcasm implied here at all. They can't play, meanwhile the European players play tourneys on the European Tour and don't have to play against Tiger each week. Also, Tiger is notoriously guarded and the youth and fun that the Cup team had this year would not have been there. The guys all develop the yips around the guy and it's like playing golf with your dad when you're 11 years old, you don't want to embarrass him in front of his friends and you begin to grip and play worse than if he wasn't there. Would we have ever seen Boo Weakley go Happy Gilmore on Sunday, before the Tournament was even close to being over?

And of course Sheffield charging the mound against the Indians...From First Base:

As I'm sure you're familiar these videos won't last long so enjoy them while they're there. If you can't find them, google them.