Wednesday, September 3, 2008

College Pick Em': The BearDown vs. The "Experts"

After week one of College Football I was looking back over my Pick em’ and decided to see how I stacked up against the so called “experts” in the field. Everyone here at the BearDown (Garnes excluded, sorry) participate in a little pool over at Yahoo Sports. After taking a gander at how their experts did I decided that I would make my claim to be an expert as well. I will break down how the four of us did against the four exclusive experts at Yahoo, as well as four of the experts over at Fox Sports who seem to give so many people such great insight. I will log this over the course of the season, and expect to win and be asked to make picks professionally in the future.

Yahoo Experts: Their week one picks: Note: Someone please let me know how Regis Philbin qualifies as an expert.

Fox Experts: Their week one picks: Note: I adjusted their scores to fit with the rules of yahoo leagues.

Now for the BearDown's Expert Pannel:

I have also include a screen shot of my pics as hard evidence.

So far so good, I will have a more in depth look at the picks and credentials after week two when the packs begins to separate a little....