Tuesday, September 2, 2008

College Football Top 25 Polls: Week 1

Yes that's right, the College Football season is off to a great start. A lot of close games on Thursday-Monday. And the UCLA over Tennesse win last night capped off a fun Week One. So as promised, each week we'll see the updated Top 25 after the dust has settled, let's take a look at the big board.

1(1). USC Trojans

Played extremely well against Virginia on the road in Week 1. Sanchez looked good, the USC ground game looked good, Joe McKnight had those flashes I talked about in the past. No reason to move them down from the Top Spot going into Week 2.

2(2). Oklahoma Sooners

As is typically the case in week one of the college football season, Oklahoma faced a nobody and put up over 50. You can pretty much set your watch by this one. Chattanooga was the victim this year and they allowed 57. Their defense threw up a big 0 on the scoreboard, their offense gave up 2 points on a safety and all is well in OK.

3(3). Ohio State Buckeyes

We'll wait to see what the prognosis is on Hesiman Hopeful Beanie's foot, hopefully he'll be in there when they head to USC. Other than that Boeckman played very well and the future looks bright for Buckeye fans behind Highly Touted recruit Terrelle Pryor. The defense, which was not a question mark for anyone, played up to their 10 returning starter potential leaving a whopping 0 on the board for Youngstown State. Another annual tradition like the Masters.

4(4). Georgia Bulldogs

The Dawgs almost slipped this week, yeah they won by 24, but they allowed Georgia Southern 21 points, luckily they were in the 2nd half so I guess up 24-0 at the half lets the defensive players get some rest. Heisman Hopefuls Stafford and Moreno surprised nobody and played very well.

5(5). Missouri Tigers

The first of the top teams to play an actual opponent this week Mizzou faced off against the Illini. One of the top games of the weekend, Illinois never gave up and looked like they were going to take strides at upsetting Mizzou tiem just ran out on Juice and crew. Missouri's offense looked good again and the special teams looked great. Led by Heisman Hopeful Jeremy Maclin and his 145 Kick return yards in 3 returns, including the 99 yard TD. He also put up a 46 yard Punt Return. I think you can give Mizzou the Big XII North Title right now.

6(6). Florida Gators

Tebow did what Tebow does (1 Passing TD, 1 Rushing TD). Best yet he was only 3rd on the team in rushing, instead of the team leader. With Percy Harvin out, Florida showed it's got some depth at athletes.

7(8). West Virginia Mountaineers

Up a spot with Clemson's loss, the Mountaineers showed that they were serious when they said Rich Who? Seeing as how Michigan dropped to Utah and the 'Neers took down 'Nova. Pat White showed that he's got an arm throwing 5 TDs in the air and making a strong push for his Heisman Case. The question mark here, and possibly for the season, will be with the Mountaineer Defense. They allowed 399 yards and 28 first downs, luckily they also grabbed two picks and were able to keep the Wildcats out of the End Zone.

8(9). Texas Tech Red Raiders

536 passing yards, 7 Total TDs. The Red Raiders outscored Eastern Washington. I still think they will win a lot of games this year to deserve this #8 ranking. I know their game plan is strictly to outscore the opponent, but allowing Eastern Washington 24 points (17 in the second Quarter) has to scare some Raiderfans.

9(10). Auburn Tigers

Ben Tate (?) ran for 115 on 13 carries and showed up to let more people know who he is. Some Auburn fans may wonder where their Tiger offense will come from this season. The Tigers accounted for 2 of their 4 TDs on offense with 1 on Special Teams and 1 on Defense. Getting TDs on D and Special Teams is great, but the Tigers need their offense to perform a bit better in the SEC to be notable too much longer.

10(11). LSU Tigers

The Tigers shut up all of the Appy State fans out there who kept saying that Armanti Edwards and the Mountaineers were worthy of notability. No fans have had bigger egos over the last year than Appalachain State. They are living on that lone victory over a down Michigan team last year. I don't typically root for LSU but I am glad they put the screws to Appy St. with a 31-0 first half score. The Tigers QB situation was THE question for the Tigers in the offseason and both inexperienced guys jumped in Saturday. All they had to do was give the ball to Scott and step away. Junior Charles Scott put up 160 yards, almost half his total from last year.

11(12). Texas Longhorns

The Horns did what they do, no surprise here. The only surprise was Texas' leading rusher...Heisman Candidate Colt McCoy. Look out Timmy.

12(14). Wisconsin Badgers

If PJ Hill can keep up as he did Saturday, there are no worries in Wisconsin. Hell if Beanie stays out awhile the Badgers can very easily slide to the top of the Big Eleven this year on the back of Hill.

13(13). Kansas Jayhawks

Picking up where they left off Reesing and the Starting O looked good putting up 30 in the first half. The defense held up great against a lesser opponent and the Hawks want us to know they're still here.

14(15). BYU Cougars

The Class of their conference BYU should remain in the perennial mid-major with 0-2 losses position all year hovering between the 10-16 spots depending on the teams surrounding them. Oh and their Quarterback, (hailing from Mesa, AZ) Max Hall, threw for 486 yards and a 198.6 QB Rating.

15(UR). Alabama Crimson Tide

I said on Friday that Bama could, and potentially would upset Clemson. I knew Saban was capable of putting up that one big upset. Now let's see if Bama can hold on unlike their collapse last year.

16(16). ASU Sun Devils

They beat NAU. Not A University. (Sorry Denny, Randle, and Craig).

17(18). Oregon Ducks

Oregon's Defense was able to put the stop on Washington's Jake Locker, hailed by many to be the top QB in the Pac-10 Locker managed 0 TDs on the ground, and 0 in the Air. The Ducks managed to gather behind their 3rd QB and still managed 44 points.

18(7) Clemson Tigers

They lost, they slipped 11 spots, they still have talent. I said on Friday that I didn't like the chances of Clemson against Bama. I knew that Clemson would drop a game they were supposed to win and Bama would have a big upset this year. This looked like the game that was going to happen in.

19(20). Penn State Nittany Lions

Paterno got career win 373 to tie Florida State's Bowden for most career wins. Good day for him and the 66-10 victory over Coastal Carolina was fun for Penn State I'm sure.

20(22). Wake Forest

Wake Forest looked crisp and clean and didn't allow Baylor to do much, as their D came up with 2 picks. Riley Skinner threw for 220 and 3 TDs. The only ranked ACC team with a win this past weekend.

21(23). South Florida

Top team in the Big East this year and their offense put up 56 points. 2 of their 3 QBs combined for 10/12 and 182 yards with 2 TDs but the amazing thing was the 13 players who were credited with a carry in Saturday's game. I guess that accounts for the 300 yards the Bulls got on the ground.

22(UR). UCLA Bruins

Upset the Volunteers last night in a great game and shot up the Rankings. They were on the outside looking in last week, but were on my teams to watch list. After last night they are on the inside. The Pac-10 looks strong this year.

23(25). Fresno State

The Bulldogs and the Scarlett Knights were scoreless through the first half but the second half was all Fresno State and specifically Ryan Matthews who ran for 3 TDs and 188 yds in the 2nd Half.

24(UR) South Carolina Gamecocks

Back in my Top 25 for the first time since July. Tommy Beecher started the game, and was promptly removed after 4 INTs. With this morning's news that Chris Smelley takes over South Carolina comes into the Top 25 and could stay awhile.

25(17) Tennessee Volunteers

They lost last night, but it was a great game and they're still a good team, just not as good as we thought before.

On the Edge Boise State Broncos, Notre Dame Fighting Irish, Arizona Wildcats, Kentucky Wildcats, Florida State Seminoles, Utah Utes, and California Golden Bears.

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