Thursday, September 11, 2008

WANTED: Christopher Mintz-Plasse a.k.a McLovin

According to my reputable sources (message boards, ESPN Pac-10 Blog, to name a few) there are rumors circulating that The Hoff isn't the only celeb hanging around the U of A campus down here in Tucson. Many rumors, including Randle's Sister on Campus, can attest to possible Christopher Mintz-Plasse a.k.a McLovin sightings around the University of Arizona Campus.

I have yet to been able to get a definitive answer to whether or not these rumors are substantiated and implore the Wildcat general public to be my eyes around campus. Above is an artist's rendering of what the rumored UA Student's official ID card (CatCard) would look like. To any and all UA students please be on the lookout for CMP a.k.a McLovin. Whether it be in class, on the mall, in the Union, or the 4 AM ventures to the open all night grease-trap on campus formerly known as "The Cellar", please get whatever photographic evidence you can find on the subject. If you can send me proof whether it is through Facebook, the bookstore, or Arizona Stadium of the aforementioned McLovin it would be greatly appreciated. Especially if you can grab him in UA gear. Again, any and all information would be appreciated. And to any of the bouncers around town, be very weary of potential Hawaii IDs with a name that sounds like a sexy hamburger. Whatever happened to Trident's doorman of the century?

Is McLovin following in the footsteps of celebs before him?