Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Urlacher's Post Game Interview (2 Videos)

This is by far one of the funniest moments I have ever seen recorded on TV. Below is the post game interview from Sunday Night's "Upset" of the Indianapolis Colts. Fast forward to about the 53 second mark and watch Urlacher's face at Kremer's Question:

(Analysis and another video to follow after the Jump)

Immediately following Andrea Kremer's statment of, "This is an upset", Urlacher's face contorts and he looks like he is about to spear the poor lady in the middle of "The Luke". He spends about 6 full seconds digesting the statement and blinking trying to hold in the rage. If the face wasn't good enough the simple, "We thought we'd win". His face while saying that is second only to the original facial contortions.

In related news I officially vote for Rookie Matt Forte's nickname to be Meat based on his straight from Crash Davis response of, "First, I gotta Thank my Lord, Savior Jesus Christ" and he proceeds to ramble off catch phrases from Bull Durham.

I'm just glad that Urlacher had both of the funniest moments of Sunday Night's broadcast. Between the face he makes as he maintains his Bruce Banner status quo and the attempted chuckle in the Old Spice Swagger Commercial, I think we may have found this year's Peyton Manning.