Friday, September 12, 2008

Wildcat News and Notes

You may not realize it Wildcat fans but this weekend could have a huge impact on our beloved teams for years to come. Here is the latest News and Notes coupled with my opinions which no wanted in the first place.....

First things first; FOOTBALL: We haven't been 3-0 in Mike Stoops entire tenure, nor certainly in John Maco-sukcs has been since Dick Tomey was the head coach that we have been 3-0. That's huge by itself, but the fact of the matter is New Mexico is a lower middle tier team in D-1 football, which is where we have been stuck the last 2 seasons. Those teams do not get Bowl Bids very often if at all as we know all to well. New Mexico beat us last year and not only do we want revenge we need to prove we are moving up and are capable of beating a mid level team that is having a bad year so far. This game is a statement game, make no mistake about it, don't let UCLA distract you from two weeks out. Win this as we are EXPECTED to and feel good about handling 3 teams that you are supposed to beat if you are a bowl caliber team. Lose this and suddenly Mike Stoops will feel his seat start to heat back up in a hurry. Remember, New Mexico isn't a push over, they are not as talented as we are but the will execute because they are well coached by Rocky Long, just like they were last year when they took us out behind the wood shed and whipped our butts.

Football side notes:

Terrel Resse got suspended for last weeks game over academic issues and decided to use his free Friday evening to get hammered drunk and back his car into a wall and then run over the air/water machine at the Circle K on 6th across from the stadium. He is now out indefinitely as far as I have heard.

Mike Turner is suspended for the season and while mums the word on why officially I have it on good word he got caught indulging in the hippy lettuce and sure enough the NCAA guidelines on these matters calls for a season long suspension.

Lolomana Mikaele has been suspended for both games so far and I have not heard how long he will continue to be in the ol' doghouse at this point. Word is he is in some academic trouble as well.

These shouldn't be to big of deals though, Turner was a 3rd string corner at this point after switching back from WR last year. Mikaele could be used at DT but he isn't a proven commodity just a warm body in the rotation. Resse was the starter at the outside receiver position but true Freshman Juron Criner has been the surprise of the season so far and made everyone forget anyone was missing.

2nd Issue of the Weekend:

Abdul Gaddy is here on his official visit. He is "THE" PG in the class of 2009, the only 5 star recruit we are recruiting at the moment, a prior commit to us and our competition for his services is UCLA. If we lose this kid we have no one to blame but ourselves(Insert coaching staff) as he has said all along that the U of A is his dream school and he just isn't sure if we are the same school he dreamed of with all the scandal and question marks surrounding our Coaches. Meanwhile enter Ben Howland with 3 other 4 or 5 star guards in the 2009 class all ready signed working against him, yet we still haven't sealed the deal with this kid. If we can not get Gaddy to re-commit to us, it may be time to talk seriously about the decline of this program. I have defended every move papa Lute has made so far but his handling of this entire situation is confusing at best. We have now signed four 3 star recruits in the last two months. We have lost a 5 star and two 4 star recruits in that same span. I have made excuses so far and put my faith behind the Silver Foxes wisdom and track record. I can only hope I will be rewarded for my faith. This is a kid that we have pursued hard for 3 years...make no mistakes about it...if we don't land Abdul Gaddy we got beat by a program with less to offer on account of the doubts surrounding Lute. Fingers crossed, Mid-Night Lute will strike again and my cup of faith will be replenished and over flowing.

Basket Ball side notes:

Pick up ball has been going on for a few weeks now and from what I have heard and read it is your normal no defense stuff with very little to be taken from away in terms of evaluation. However I have heard that that the team seems more relaxed and seems to be actually having fun out there which is a real change from last season.