Tuesday, September 30, 2008

How Perfect

The Nasti Natti Bungles, apparently are in some need at running back after cutting Rudi Johnson (avg. 5.5 ypc in Detroit, missing some luggage) and sending DeDe Dorsey to the IR. So where to turn? You always hear about teams worrying about picking up players that will affect the "Team Chemistry" so the Bungles didn't want to pick up any running back that would alter their team's dynamic and be too different than anyone else on the team. So.....

The Bungles signed former Bear Running Back/Draft Day Bust Cedric Benson to their roster. Good job Cincy, the perfect place for a should be in jail waste of space bust is in Cincy. After all in Chicago all eyes were on him after his arrests. With the Bungles, there are plenty of people to take the spotlight off of him with their own arrests.