Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dancing with the "Stars"

I know I'm stepping on 4Real's toes here jumping into the reality TV sect of The Beardown, but I just couldn't help it. I was scanning through my RSS feeds and stumbled across something about Misty May and Warren Sapp, and before I finish reading the Headline I clicked to view the article...oops.

It listed the newest contingent of Dancing with the Stars contestants and to fulfil the athlete portion Retired Behemoth Defensive End Warren Sapp, Gold Medal Beach Bikini wearer Misty May-Treanor, and American Olympic Sprinter Maurice Greene have been tabbed. These proud athletes have been selected to follow in the dance steps of other "stars" such as:

J Peterman from Seinfeld
Ian Ziering AND Jennie Garth of 90210
Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman

Cliff from Cheers
The formed and molded plastic formerly known as Elvis' Wife
The ex-wife of Beatle Paul McCartney
3 Boy Banders: 1 NSync, 1 New Kid, and 1 kid brother/98 Degrees member
1 Spice Girl
AC Slater
Miley Cyrus' dad
Countless Disney Channelers
Wayne Newton
and many more!!

Congratulations to the accomplished Athletes participating in this amazing event and being able to compete against other such Stars as Lance Bass, Susan Lucci, Toni Braxton, Kim Kardashian, Rocco DiSpirito, Brooke Burke, Comedy Central Official Roaster Jeffrey Ross, and the guy next door in Married With Children.

Three thoughts have come to mind while researching this:

I wonder if the season with Heather Mills was the highest rated Dancing with the Stars due to people watching to see if her leg would fall off in mid-spin.

How many times has Al from Home Improvement had to turn down a chance to appear?

When does LeBron show up?

God I hate Reality TV.