Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Safe Olympiad

Fame was never a driving factor. Gold medals weren't really enough of a motivator. Endorsements and travel are fun and all but it wasn't worth the training. So early on I gave up on any thoughts of being an olympian despite my prowess at Gymboree. Swimming was out of the question, I never had lessons. I learned by the "My dad pushed me in the deep end at a young age and I kept my head above water a.k.a literal sink or swim" methods. Bottom line there was never really an interest in making it to the olympics for me.

Of course that's apparently because this report failed to cross my radar. 100,000 condoms have been giving to the olympic athletes participating in the games.

70,000 wasn't enough for the 2,000 athletes in Sydney, they had to go grab 20,000 more. The hope is that this year 100,000 will keep the athletes happy. There are more condoms at the games than screenshots of Michael Phelps. It makes perfect sense there are many attractive olympians who are there for 2 weeks and only compete once or twice and sit around doing nothing for the remaining days. What better to do?

Tour Beijing? Many of them have been there before in different trials and tests. They've seen plenty of the things to see in Beijing. So I suppose there is only one other option. The real question remains how do they even have the time or energy to compete in olympic events? The last thing on my mind would be running, swimming, shooting, gymnastic-ing. I would want a sandwich and a nap. With Softball and Baseball gone from the olympics will they be replaced with Sex as an Olympic Sport.

I understand the need for safe sex and that sometimes you're bored and just need something to do, but 100,000 condoms. They're only there for 2 weeks. Other questions then come to mind. Are they olympic themed? If you win gold do you also get an accompanying amount of Gold condoms? Of course another thought comes to mind. If we've got all of our best athletes in one place. And they are keeping themselves busy with one another. Why are we giving them condoms? We could have future generations of incredible olympians bred at the Olympics.

Imagine being bored at the Olympics, a pile of condoms at one side and at the other....