Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Let's Make a Deal

Hello again Everybody it's time for everyone's favorite, let's make a deal. Today's contestants are the Arizona Cardinals and the Chicago Bears.

First we have "Bowtie" Bill Bidwell here representing the Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals have been the team that's a year away almost every year for the last 15 years. The last time they were in the playoff was 10 years ago. They also have had a slight QB Controversy since drafting Matt Leinart.

The next contestant we have today is Jerry Angelo representing the Chicago Bears. The Bears have one of the most staunch Defenses in the NFL and the most threatening kick return specialist in the game. They were recently in the playoffs 2 years ago when they lost the Super Bowl. The Bears are only a couple of pieces away from making another strong push.

So Mr. Bidwell, Mr. Angelo.....Let's Make a Deal!!!!!

Proposed deal:

Part I - The Bears send Rex Grossman and Kyle Orton, both proven Back up quarterbacks looking for a team that needs a back up quarterback, to the Arizona Cardinals for QB Kurt Warner. Some might think this will just further intensify any kind of controversy in Arizona adding 2 QBs to the mix. But upon further review the Bears are in need of two things a Veteran QB and an actual starter, enter the ultimate 2 for 1 Kurt Warner. He's not a long term answer but he can play and win for a couple more seasons.

Meanwhile, Arizona will further show their support for Matt Leinart and the Media won't be immediately pushing for Kurt Warner to take over at the first sight of uh-ohs. With a starting caliber QB as a backup there will always be QB Controversy's and negatives. With Rex and Orton as the Back ups people won't be pushing as hard for Leinart to be replaced. This way Leinart, who is the future of this franchise, will be able to take over and gain confidence.

Besides Leinart and Orton can party together.

Part II - Anquan Boldin wants out of Arizona, according to Super Agent Drew Rosenhaus. One of the only teams to offer up anything so far is Arizona Cardinal Arch Rival Dallas Cowboys. They may not be in the same division anymore but they are still bitter rivals from the old NFC East days. The Bears have receivers but a star receiver could be a nice addition. So the Bears deal Brandon Lloyd, Rookie Earl Bennet and a 2nd round pick to the Cardinals for Boldin and a 3rd rounder.

The Bears get their downfield threat receiver, the Cards get some youth at the spot including a rookie with major upside as well as one of the most coveted things in the NFL, a 2nd round draft pick as well as getting rid of a player they don't want with Drew Rosenhaus as his agent without dealing him to the Cowboys. The 2nd round pick gives the drafting team the ability to get top tier talent at a lower price.

There are plenty of other deals out there but tell me this isn't a great idea.


Anonymous said...

I believe that's called Win-Win-Win