Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Top Ten things I love about College Football

There is little in this world I love more than College Football. My Mother is lucky I appreciate the whole birthing me thing, cause she is dangerously close to being surpassed by Saturday's in the fall. I find myself getting ridiculously antsy as we get closer to the start of the season. Today our beloved Wildcats had their first day of fall camp, which means I can break out the beer coozy and begin worshiping Dom's hair patch. I started thinking (instead of working) about the specific things I love about college football season, and so without further adieu.....

The Top Ten things I love about college football........

10. Feeling the change of the seasons - OK this one is a stretch in Arizona, but, I can see that it gets cold in other places on TV and I like that a lot. Seeing the leaves changing in Ann Arbor, Columbus, South Bend and College Park gets me excited.

9. Game Day Rituals - This is a broad subject that encompasses lots of different areas. From my personal Vodka and Arizona Iced Tea drinks(aka Tizz-row's) to the dotting of the I, game day rituals are part of the pageantry that make college football so amazing.

8. Mascots - Plain and simple these crazy, fur covered creatures(both live and stuffed) are a part of the action on game day. I think LSU having a live tiger is a bit over the top but you gotta love it ! I'll settle for guys in stuffed animal suits to keep PETA happy but either way this is a great part of the scene on campuses everywhere.

7. Access to the players and coaches - For the most part, excluding USC and it's Hollywood attitude, you can meet and greet your favorite players and coaches on campus with relative ease. I remember fondly the times I shook Tedy Bruschi's hand or gave Chris McCallister a high five. You just don't get that kind of stuff from the pros.

6. Hot Co-Ed's in the stands - This may be another Arizona influenced topic, but, I do believe almost every game I have ever watched in person or on TV has had at least one moment of distraction due to a smoking hot group of chicks in very little clothing. There is something about college football that brings the really hot chicks out of the woodwork wearing bikini tops or shirts shredded into a symphony of nothingness.

5. Student Sections - This is the natural progression I suppose. There is something about everyone wearing the same color shirt and screaming obscenities while sneaking drinks from their various flasks that makes me smile. From the White outs at Penn State to the Red Army at Arizona, the student sections make the atmosphere at a college game.

4. Marching Bands/Fight Songs - I am not usually the one giving the half time entertainment any credit...but...something about the sound of the band fires me up. Last year I was walking my dog Lucielle on campus one August evening and I heard the band practicing from afar. I was immediately excited and ready to see my beloved Cats take the field. Something about those silly band geeks and the goofy renditions of Led Zeppelin songs gets my blood pumping. Seriously though, my ring tone and ring back tone are Bear Down Arizona...I can't help myself.
3. Upsets - Damn the safety concerns, I love seeing the field stormed. I want goal posts torn down and drunken revelry. I love that every year (see Arizona Homecoming weekend the last 3 years) an underrated or lower ranked team shocks the world and lowers the boom on a supposed power house.
2. Tailgates - Booze, BBQ, Broads, Bags and Buddies...seriously the best things in the world all wrapped up into one. I can't write about this anymore, I am getting to psyched just thinking about it.

1. Rivalry Games - This is what truly makes the college game better then the pro game. I HATE asuCKS; I know they hate me. In Alabama they actually refer to it as the Civil War, something that can't bring up good memories in the south. Nothing and I mean nothing compares to the great rivalry games. Just ask Woody and Bo...They let it consume their lives.