Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Rookie Season

Once again, I follow Dom in obscurity. I will not get up on a political soap box, and this is no way me advocating people into believing my personal views, but when someone kicks ass you have to give due credit.

And Hilary Clinton, last night, you kicked ass!

When the Democratic National Convention began, political analysts all over the country said that there were four things that Barack Obama needed to accomplish if he hoped to beat John McCain in November;

1. Unite the Democratic Party
2. Show how he intended to change America
3. Have Hilary Clinton fully back him and
4. Start going after John McCain

Well Barack Obama, you better start thanking Senator Clinton, because she just gave you what you needed to win this election.

First of all John McCain when you start talking about Barack Obama being the biggest Democratic celebrity, you missed the boat, it is so obviously former President Bill Clinton. They are referring to him as Elvis at the DNC.

But last night wasn't about Elvis, it was about Senator Hilary Clinton. Here is a woman who 18 months ago most likely assumed she would be accepting the Democratic nomination at this very convention and last night stood on a platform and told the 18 million who voted for her that they must elect someone different. In a 6 minute speech Senator Clinton reminded us all why she is who she is. She knows she's powerful and she's not going to let us forget that, but she also sees the bigger picture and she swallowed her pride and stood there for Barack Obama.

On the 88th year marking the passing of the 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote, on the 40th year marking the riots protesting the Vietnam War at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago, we for first time we heard and believed that Hilary Clinton truly supported Barack Obama. She came out swinging.

She started by listing the reasons she ran for the Presidency and right when you thought she was going to end with " told you so", she asked "did you vote only for me or did you vote for the causes we all believe in, because if you do believe in these causes you must elect Barack Obama". Classy move- cross 1 and 2 off the list.

She also went after John McCain, something Barack Obama has yet to do. She proclaimed " No way, No how, No McCain". She also made quite the analogy- saying " it's funny that George Bush and John McCain will be in the Twin Cities next week [ for the Republican National Convention], because these days it's awfully hard to tell them apart". Zing- cross 4 off the list.

Obama you better know an awesome florist. As the DNC continues we'll hear more from former President Clinton, Obama himself, and other Democratic leaders but the energy and spirit of last night most likely won't be created again. As this convention goes on John McCain is not hiding, he's out doing numerous press circuits and his supporters are taking ample opportunities to take swings at Barack Obama, which they should be doing this close to an election. However, one comment interested me more than others. State Representative Michelle Bachmann from Minnesota said " You need to bet on McCain, you cannot put a rookie in the White House". Well with all do respect Ms. Bachmann- some rookies kick ass.

Kerry Wood:
Took the NL by storm with the Chicago Cubs and gave a rookie of the year performance. Finishing 13-6, a 3.40 ERA, 233 strikeouts and on May 6, 1998 before the age of 21 striking out 20 Houston Astros. He kicked ass.

Andre Igoudala:
Dick Vitale said it was a mistake for the 76'ers to take him, seeing as how he was a 27% shooter from the 3 point line in college ( it's also probably because his name wasn't J.J. Reddick), but Iggy used this as motivation. He was thrust into the 76'ers starting line up, and was the only 76'er to play all 82 games including 5 playoff games. He was the only 76'er to record a triple double and he was named to the All Rookie First Team. He kicked ass.

Finally, Devin Hester:
Criticized by sports fans and analysts because they believed the Bears should have spent their early draft picks on offensive prospects. Well in his 13th week as a professional football player he scored 6 touch downs, including one for 108 yards, and returned a punt for a game wining 83 yard touch down. He kicked ass.

My point being, rookies aren't always bad, sometimes they can kick ass. John McCain says that he's worried " it's too early for Obama to be in the White House". Well frankly I'm worried that it's too late for John McCain- we have serious issues that need serious ass kicking.

So whatever party you align yourself with- get all the information you can, ask all the questions you can and when it comes time to vote- vote, like Senator Clinton said no matter what you believe, we cannot afford to have people sitting on the sidelines.

Side Note: Jay Mariotti announced this morning that he will no longer be working for the Chicago Sun Times- because he believed that the future of sports journalism is online. Well Jay... does this mean your officially muted off Around the Horn?