Tuesday, August 5, 2008

ManRam 99

I'm not the world's biggest ManRam fan or anything but I do know that he has historically been #24. In Cleveland and Boston he wore Two Four but couldn't upon his arrival to LA (Hall of Fame Manager Walter Alston). So after a couple different back and forths with the Dodger Higher Ups they settled on 99. An odd choice for a ball player, especially one of his Caliber. Typically guys with a 99 on their chest don't have a name plate on the back, and it's not because of tradition but rather because they aren't going to make it too deep into Spring Training. Needless to say Manny doesn't need to worry about a red tag hanging in his locker any time soon.

Typically there are reasons behind a players number. Gilbert Arenas' critics coming into Arizona said he would get Zero minutes so he used it as a motivator. T-Mac sports number 1 in honor of Penny Hardaway. Sometimes it's in honor of those who have come before you like the many Venezuelans who have worn Dave Concepcion's 13. Others in honor of family as with Peyton Manning's 18 in honor of his older brother Cooper or Jarrett Payton's 34 in honor of father Walter. With the many great reasons why jersey numbers have been selected in the past it makes us wonder.... Manny, Why 99? So here's a few ideas on why he settled with 99:

He recently scored a 99 on his IQ Test, a surprise to many.

Getting tried of Jersey deliberations Manny was going to take a nap. He misheard the question and, through his thick accent said "nighnigh" which Torre mistakenly thought meant 99.

Many athletes give 110%, Manny occasionally gives 99%.

In Honor of Rick "Wild Thing" Vaughn .

His love for the Prince album "1999".

His favorite fruit brandy, 99 Bananas.

His old stomping grounds. The pub themed 99 restuarants throughout New England.

His favorite song growing up, 99 Luftballons by Nena.

In honor of New York Yankee, David Cone's perfect game in 1999.

As a political statement against the 99th Congress that operated between 1985-1987 under Ronald Reagan.

He wants to be 99% of a team's salary in 09.

His favorite band, Pompeii 99.

In Memorium his favorite poet, Shel Silverstein who passed away in 1999.

His favorite foreign film, 99 Francs.

Or is it simply that he's got 99 Problems but a Bitch aint one.


SoxAddict said...

Haha, I like the Shel Silverstein one the best. We used to read books of that crap in 2nd grade.

Anonymous said...

Or he wishes he was half as talented as the last person to wear 99 while playing for an LA team.