Thursday, August 14, 2008

Optimal Stubble

I'm pretty busy today but recently, on one of the days I was much, much less busy, I went back to the Archives of an old Comic Strip from The Arizona Daily Wildcat. Optimal Stubble, written by Micah Zahler, and inspired by the average college guy life of sports, drinking, girls, and sarcasm, was one of the top things of attending the U of A from 2003-2005. Since I'm swamped at this terrible, awful, soul stealing thing called a job, I'm just posting a few of the old ones, and occasionally I'll post a few more. The Complete Series of Optimal Stubble can be found at, unlike the complete series of Ed which, for whatever inane reason, can not be found anywhere....bastards.

When you've got some free time head over to and check out all of them.