Tuesday, August 5, 2008

USA Today Coach's Poll/BCS Observations: Notre Dame

After looking over the coaches that are participating in the USA Today Poll there were two things that immediately came to my mind. First: Why don’t all of the coaches in the BCS conferences vote? Second: Why is Notre Dame eligible to vote? Why Should Charlie Weis whose team is not in a conference vote and our own Mike Stoops whose Arizona Wildcats are in the Pac-10 does not?

Take a look at this: This is the front page of BCSfootball.org, can you see anything wrong with the page?

During my first glance at the page I noticed that it had the logos for every BCS conference across the header…ending with Notre Dame. I must have missed the memo when the BCS declared Notre Dame its own conference. Last time I checked there were still three independent teams: Army, Navy, and Notre Dame. First, I think that being independent is a joke and should not be allowed. I understand that Notre Dame is able to pull enough money, enough fans, and thus enough bias to survive without being in a conference. I get it. The question I have is what is going on behind the scenes that is making the rest of college football continue to let this happen? Make Notre Dame join a conference. Make them play a regular schedule. Make them actually earn a bowl bid on the field. In 2008 they play teams from the Big Ten, the Pac-10, The Big East, ACC, and Mountain West. This may seem impressive, but the only notable game they will be playing is against USC. They play the middle to the bottom of the pack squads from every conference.

I cannot accurately describe the degree of my frustration over this, but here are some facts about Notre Dame that should make you think:
2007 Final Record 3-9.
o Most Losses in Notre Dame History in a Season
o Longest Home Losing Streak (6)
o 2 of the Programs Top 10 Worst Losses (38-0 to Michigan and USC)
o Lost to Two Military Academy's in 1 season for first time since 1944
o 0 Wins against Mid-Majors
• Despite their record breaking 07’ season Notre Dame in 2008 will have eight confirmed Nationally Televised Games (07’s National Championship Contenders: Ohio State: #3 has 1, LSU: #6 has 1). Keep in mind that these are the one that have already been announced, and will without a doubt change.
• Notre Dame is 13-15 lifetime in Bowl Games
• Notre Dame has lost their last 9 Bowl Appearances
• Over their last 9 Bowl losses they have averaged a deficit of 17 points

At what point do you say enough is enough. Tradition is great, but how many years does it take until you actually have to show up and play because you can’t get by on reputation anymore? It was 2002 when Sports Illustrated printed this cover:

They had lost 5 straight bowl games and were in some serious trouble. They lost two more (03 and 04). Then sports illustrated printed this cover :

Notre Dame subsequently dropped the 06’ Fiesta Bowl to Ohio State 34-20 and the 07’ Sugar Bowl to LSU 41-14. Someone please use some common sense and for the good of college football stop putting these money backed Notre Dame teams in BCS Bowls. I understand that Notre Dame and BCS Bowls both equal money, and that it is a business match made in heaven. However, as far as competition is concerned it is getting embarrassing for Notre Dame fans/teams, and frustrating for everyone else who is watching them instead of a team who got overlooked.

NOTE: I Found this after completing the article and thought it was worth going back and adding in.

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Dom said...

I'm a Huge ND fan. You are aware of this, and I couldn't agree more. Sure it's fun to see ND land in BCS games but I've been to too many Fiesta Bowls (2 and a half) and seen ND get thrashed by the opposing team because they are overmatched. I agree they should be in a conference also. Put them in the Big Eleven and split the conference like the SEC, ACC, and Big XII. As for the TV, it's becuase they have the NBC home games contract that I'm sure NBC wishes it could void based on the low ratings last year. The fact that ABC and CBS want games too blows me away.