Thursday, August 28, 2008

It's Baaaaaaaack!

I know I'm straight up thieving from Staples but am I the only one who is picturing the following:

Exterior Arizona Stadium (or whatever team you wish) - Afternoon

SOFT FOCUS: Friends and families join together in a grassy area beer in one hand, grills aflame, smoke rising. Laughter, High Fives, a KID runs by the screen clutching a tiny football. Shirtless Frat guys pass by the screen, 12 identical skinny blonde girls in school colors follow in their wake.

BACKGROUND MUSIC: A. Williams, "It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year"

Ahhhh it's back again ladies and gents. It's Fall and it is indeed the most wonderful time of the year, screw Christmas. If I need to make a list of pros and cons I can but Sports in the Fall takes it down.

Of course it would start off close:
Both would start by checking off Family, Singing Old Traditional Songs, Good Food, Fun and Games, and Drinking before Noon. But where Christmas pretty much only adds Presents to the list Fall brings us Cheerleaders, Upsets, Violence, Rivalries, Rushing the Field, Beer Bongs, Scantily Clad Co-eds, and Playoff Baseball.

Imagine my excitement this morning clicking onto and seeing NCAAFB among the options to select for score updates and schedules. That's right sports fans, we've got 14, count 'em Fourteen Games on the Gridiron tonight, and while not many are going to go down as the best games of the season, a couple of them (Oregon State at Stanford and NC State at South Carolina) will go down as the first games that I watch of the 2008 College Football season, an honor in itself.

Not only that but take a look at the calendar, it's the 28th of August. For those of you unaware that means that September 28th is 1 month away. September 28th also happens to be the last day of Major League Baseball's regular season. Starting September 29th it's Playoff Baseball.

Things to watch for this weekend:

Youngstown State (Y-Town) AT Ohio State -
This will most likely be a huge blowout, as per usual, but expect to see Highly Tauted recruit Terrelle Pryor and the Sweatervest's new Pryor Package take the field at some time. The future of Buckeye Football.

Appy St. AT LSU -
Defending FCS Champ vs. Defending FBS Champ. Don't expect LSU to fall like Michigan last year because well, LSU doesn't suck, Michigan did. The upstart Appy St. will likely be plenty excited about this game but they will see what it's like to actually play against the D-I rather than Michigan.

Bama AT Clemson -
One of two big Week 1 games with Top Ten teams facing off against other ranked opponents. This could be the first big upset of the '08 season. There are two certainties about Saban and Clemson. Saban will coach his team to one big upset each year and Clemson will drop one big game a year. This seems like planets aligning to ensure that happening.

Illinois AT Missouri -
This will flat out be a great game. The Illini are without Mendenhall but Juice is one year older and one year better, and he is the same QB who led the Illini to a major upset win over Ohio State last year. Missouri was in the title picture until they lost the Big XII Championship. Chase Daniel and Co. want to show just how good they are. This should be an epic showdown in The Arch Rivalry. Phillies AT Cubs -
Big Series for both teams. The Phils are a half game back from the Mets in the East, 4 games back from Milwaukee for the Wild Card. The Cubs are hot and holding onto a 6 game lead going into the final month. this should be a big matchup. This could be the series that sends one team in a down spiral to end the season and could provide the other enough juice to finish the season strong.

Sox AT Sox -
Boston's fighting to hold onto their Wild Card spot in the AL. Chicago's holding a very, very slim lead (1 game) over the Twins in the Central.

Doy-ers AT D-Backs -
D-Backs have a 3 game set hosting the once hot Dodgers. They also have an unsettling 3 game lead over the Men in Blue.

I dare you to find something better to watch than any of the above. This is a good weekend to be a couch potato.

If you're wondering how much I love the fall and all that it brings to the table. I named my daughter Autumn. It really is the most wonderful time of the year.

It Truly is... The Most, Wonderful Time....Of The Year.